Path To Peace Profound ( by Fenny West)

Path To Peace Profound
peace b - Copy (2) peace f peace e peace d peace c
Path To Peace Profound
Is at your beck and call;
Yes, those who Grace have found.
They will stand strong and tall .

No matter what betide,
Every storm they will ride
Because of the Most High-
The Rock Higher Than I.

They will not be anxious
But God-inside conscious,
And God-present conscious;
And they’ll be victorious.

Having prayed to the Lord,
He’ll make peace their reward-
Peace that passes knowledge;
Peace that will bring courage.

Nothing will perturb them.
And nothing will shake them.
They have peace like river-
Peace profound forever.

When all is said and done,
They will still be standing.
When all their Goliaths are gone.
They will still be standing.
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