When God Visists You (2) ( by Fenny West)

When God Visits You (2)

jacob wrstles with an angel cross resurrection 2 (2) resurrection angel & Mary (2) cross resurrection 2 when the Spirit comes2 holy Spirit 2 helper
When God visits you
You will prosper wherever you find yourself like Joseph; even as a slave you will prosper; even in the prison you will prosper.

When God visits you, your blessing will be irrevocable. When anyone tries to curse you and they open their mouth, blessing galore will be oozing out of their mouth like a river that has burst its banks.

When God visits you, you may have suffered terrible setbacks like Naomi, that you thought it was all over for you, but God will so turn it around for you and bring you from poverty to untold prosperity like when Boaz married Ruth (a foreigner) and Obed was born to them who became the father of Jesse, the father of David -a direct descendant of Christ.

When God visits you
You may have been languishing in a barren, God-forsaken and deserted land called, Lo-Debar, living in a hopeless, dark, dingy, dank, dungeon,  but on that day covenant will speak for you and suddenly a limousine from the king will arrive at your doorstep to take you to the king’s palace. There your story will change forever like it happened to Mephibosheth. You will eat on the king’s table all the days of your life and you will be a property tycoon with servant to till your land and bring you the dividends.

When God visits you
You who have been written off as barren and past your sell- by date will suddenly be pregnant like Elizabeth and bring for an offspring that will make an indelible mark in the sands of time, like John-the-Baptist.


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