Dream from God ( by Fenny West)


Dreams from God

keep your dream alive 1 dream big keep your dream alive hs 4 don't quit9 Desert (2) eagle God is present


Dreams from God are not day dreams.
Dreams from God are full of purpose- purposeful.
Dreams from God are inspirational, multi-national, cross-cultural, cross-generational, supernatural, super-abundant and extra-ordinary.

Dreams from God, despite seeming setbacks, will not only survive but thrive.

Dreams from God will be greeted with Good Success, Grace and glory, treasures of darkness and hidden riches in secret places.

Dreams from God have power with God.
They are incredibly anointed to frustrate the word of decree of kings, principalities and powers.

Dreams from God are daring, doubly importunate and full of faith, pleasing God.

Dreams from God use opposition for promotion; they make giants in their Promised Land, bread.

Dreams from God rise and shine; they shine, even in the night.

Do you have a dream from God?
Hold on to it.
Pray it.
Speak it.
Prophesy it.
It shall speak and not lie



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