All Things Are Possible ( by Fenny West)

All Things Are Possible

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(Matt19:26,-17:20, Mark9:23)

Make Doubt or Fear a Passing Bird,
With no room to lodge or linger.
Hold fast to all from God that you heard,
And refuse any anxious care.

If God says you can, then you can,
Regardless of what the world says.
So hold tight to His divine plan,
Because His ways are not man’s ways.

I say, all things are possible,
To all those who believe they are.
With God all things are possible,
Whether they are close or too far.

So serve quit notice to Doubt and Fear,
Refusing their rent no matter how high.
You too can mount the high tower.
You too can soar very very high.
You too can mount the temple top
You too can reach the pinacle
No principality can stop
No power or demon can topple.

So rise and ascend saint of God.
Tear, ditch, that sackcloth and ashes.
Fasten yourself to God’s Word.
And yours will be wheat and kidneys
Yours will be the milk and honey.
Yours will be the Promised Land.
And yours will be the Golden Throne.

You can gather great sheaves of grace.
You can milk much marrow and fatness
All because you have seen His Face
And have believed in His faithfulness.


All things are Possible!

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