Hope from the God of Hope Lives ( by Fenny West)

Hope from the God of Hope  Lives (1Pet.1:3-9)
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Hope from the God of Hope Lives
Brings joy amidst tragedy
Because Jesus reigns and lives
With rubbles He paints beauty.

In darkness He shines His light
As we cast our cares on Him
And He makes our burdens light.
As we put our trust in Him.

He only has the answers
To all our searching questions
He’s Alpha and Omega
In tests, trials and temptations.

He is well-able to keep
That committed into His hands
He will take care of His sheep.
No foe can snatch from His hands.

So saint, look unto the hills
Where does your help come from?
God makes banquets in mills
Where does your hope come from?

Know you have a living hope
That will never, never die
You can count on the God of hope
He’s the faithful El Shaddai.

“Your faith, being much more precious than gold… may be found to praise, honour and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”v7 (1Peter1:7)

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