The Journey of Significance ( by Fenny West)

eagle  coming God is almighty God is present God's plan ship


The journey of significance
Begins with an admittance
That the status quo is not good enough
And heeding the call of the God Who’s more than enough.

It’s taking the bull by the horn;
Resisting hindrance and moving on;
Making every necessary change
With the power of the Unchanging Changer.

The journey of significance
Is no call to a song and dance.
You must be willing to pay the price
That would surely deliver the prize.

You must be willing to burn the midnight oil;
Refuse to debunk useful toil.
You must be prepared to delay gratification
In order to advance your promotion.

The journey of significance
Is for those who value excellence;
Those who refuse to make excuses for failure
But take full responsibility for the future.

They dare to break barriers, dream big dreams
break glass ceilings
and set the pace for others.
They press on and on for the mark of the high-calling
Until they finish with finesse, to the glory of the Lord of glory.

The journey of significance
Is ordained for you and mapped out for me.
We are God’s masterpieces created for good works foreordained for us ab initio.
God is working in us both to will and to do according to His good pleasure. We have the mind of Christ. Christ in us is our hope of glory. We are partakers of the divine nature, associates of the God-head. The Greater One indwells us, working in us, with us and for us. And if He is for us, who can be against us?

  He daily leads us in triumphal procession, makes our lives an aroma of praise, calves of incense of honor. He enables us to run through troops and leap over walls and plants our feet on His rock to stay. We find a place by Him, a secret place, a place of refuge, a place of rest, a well- watered garden. No foe can reach us. No storm can phase us. Our boat will never capsize because the Author and Finisher is not only in the boat but at helm of our affairs- the Captain of the boat. We shall reach the other side despite the squall, the boisterous, ferocious and tempestuous ill-wind.
In the Rock we hide; in His shadow we abide; in His word we abide. His blood speaks better things for us than the blood of bulls and goats. We use the valley of Bacca as a place of spring, using it as a springboard, a lift, to take us from glory to glory and from strength to strength. And when we experience the winter and fire of Ziklag we shine in the night, encourage ourselves like David, seek His face, hear His voice, and pursue, overtake and recover all. We put on the whole armor of God, don our helmet of salvation, breastplate of right standing, the shoes of the gospel of peace and readiness, ensure we have the belt of truth to expose the lie of the enemy; we take the shield of faith above all to quench, extinguish every flaming arrow of the enemy. And we take the sword of the spirit-the word of God and we charge, go on the offensive and fight and win in Him.

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