The Righteousness Shall Flourish (by Fenny West)


marketing ode don't quit17 ps92 12 to 14 peace2 eph2 14 crdaniel fresh and flourishing waiting leave a legacy

The righteous shall ever flourish.

They shall never ever perish.

They shall remain fresh and green,

More than any eyes have seen;

More than any ears have heard;

More than any mind can comprehend.

Even at old age,

They’ll be wine that’s vintage;

Tasting sweeter and sweeter with age.

Disdain brings them gain.

Imprisonment becomes a ladder to the palace, like Joseph.

Opposition births promotion, productivity and prosperity.

Barriers birth blessings, beauty and boldness.

Ferocious winds carry them like eagles, as they soar to untold heights.

They’re always wise and find a place by Him where they stand upon a rock.

They’ll be fruitful and youthful at any age; at any stage.

Because of the sterner stuff they’re made.

They go from glory to glory, Beholding daily the Face of the Holy.

They make the valley of Bacca, a place of spring and  spring-board for elevation.

In the furnace they are refined, rekindled, redirected, rejuvenated, repositioned and revived to come forth like gold, like Job of old.

Their set-backs are set-ups for a lift up.

As trees of righteousness, they grow as Cedars of Lebanon and become  a forest of rest.

They will always see God’s faithfulness, goodness and lovingkindness.

And at night they will have a song to cheer those that mourn.

Yes, as Trees of Righteousness, they have a glorious destiny- becoming a stalwarts and great success.

They leave a lasting God-glorifying legacy. The righteous shall flourish!

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