Who Am I? (by Fenny West)

Who Am I ?

fenny in Concert with a crowd masterpiecew ith poem guitartrad comfort those who know their God1 too blessed o be stressed ecards God is Greater arise1 tn_j0353635


New creature,

With divine nature,

Overcomer, victor,

More than a conqueror,

Citizen of heaven, from Zion, apple of God’s eyes ( if you touch me you touch Him)God’s masterpiece, created for good works, a co-worker with God, God’s mega-phone, His  Master’s Voice, City on a Hill, light of the world, salt of the earth, child of God, servant of God, His hands and feet, priest and king, of the royal priest hood, a living stone, aroma of Christ, graced with great grace, a sign and a wonder in my generation, God’s righteousness, sanctified, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit,, separated for God’s purposes, sealed,  blessed beyond a curse,  redeemed from the curse of the Law, bride of Christ, Saint, bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh, chosen, a branch of the Vine, God’s field, created for good works.

Who am I?

Think again.

There is more to me than meets the eye.





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