Set Free For Freedom (by Fenny West)

Set Free For Freedom

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“If ye seek me, let these go their way.”( John18:8)


‘Loose him and let him go’


Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.’


Let my people go!


Jesus, by resigning Himself to the foe

Protected His beloved on that day

He showed He was the Good Shepherd.

And He would stand for His own any day.


“If ye seek me, let these go their way.”

And so He laid down His life for us.

He showed us the way of the Way.


So who can lay a charge against us?

There is now no more condemnation.

There is now no more accusation.

There is now no more ostracism.

There is now no more separation.

There is now no more vilification.


There complete vindication

There is complete acquittal

There is complete acceptance.

We have been completely washed-

Washed whiter than snow.


The middle wall of partition is bulldozed.

It is finished. The price is completely paid.


He became our surety for full release-

Surety for unconditional, unequivocal release.

We are redeemed from Satan and sin;

Redeemed from the Dungeon of Despair

Redeemed from the curse of the Law

Rescued from the clutches of Much Afraid

Delivered from Despondency and Death.


Hell must lift its foot from the neck of the redeemed.

The manacles of slavery must be severed forever

The sheep of the Lord must graze among the lilies

Unafraid, unperturbed, free as an eagle to soar

Their inheritance is one of good success, progress

Going from strength to strength and from  glory to glory.

They know that He ever lives to make intercession for them

They know that His precious blood ever speaks for them.



“The hind of the morning” has drawn the cruel hunters upon himself, and now the most timid roes and hinds of the field may graze at perfect peace among the lilies of his loves. The thunder-cloud has burst over the Cross of Calvary, and the pilgrims of Zion shall never be smitten by the bolts of vengeance. Come, my heart, rejoice in the immunity which thy Redeemer has secured thee, and bless his name all the day, and every day.

C.H. Spurgeon

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