The Reason for the Season (by Fenny West)

The Reason for the Season

 by his stripes divive direction7 purpose jesus in Christ what have and are Christ  three crosses Christ  is risen

He was sold for silver-thirty

And then betrayed with a kiss

Jesus was just three and thirty.

You may say, ‘What is the point of this?’


The Lamb of God was crucified

That He would take away our sin,

He was maltreated, vilified

Because of my sin and your sin.


He died the death that we should die

To reconcile us to the Most High.

He removed the wall of partition

And closed the gap of separation.


Like a Lamb led to the slaughter

He went silently. Willingly

He did the will of the Father

And He did it well- excellently.


He satisfied God’s righteous demand

To make us the righteousness of God.

He suffered in the hands of a wicked band

All in fulfilment of the will and word of God.



But on the third day He arose

The cross could not stop Him

The grave could not hold Him

He rose so you and I may rise.


Now at the Father’s right hand

He intercedes for you and I.

So you and I can enter the Land

Let us press on and occupy.


He’s alive, He’s risen

He lives in those who believe

He has opened the door, the prison

 For us to come alive and live.


That is the reason for the season.




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