…And the Wind Blew Me ( by Fenny West)

And the Wind Blew Me

 1refuge refuge8 fight the good fight bounties and Blessings helper uphill don't quit2 faith in God road6 wave peace d

And the wind blew me

To the Land of Saints and Scholars.

It was a strange get away

Allowed by the Alpha and Omega.


The foe surely meant it for evil

But the Most High meant it for good.

There, I was taught to tread down the devil

And use his treats and tricks for food.


There, I was taught lots of lessons

On how to soar with wings as an eagle.

Baptism in fire was on street called Blessington.

But God, by His might kept me. It was a miracle.


Refined through storms and fire

He let me come forth as gold

Radiating His glory despite the mire

He was my warmth in the cold.


So when the wind blows you

And God is in you, for you and with you

Know that He’s able, reliable,

merciful, powerful , faithful and true.

And will surely, I say surely, bring you through.


And this wind could be:

Financial adverse wind

Health hazard wind

Stagnation or retrogression wind

Marriage breakage wind

Singleness wind

Single parent wind

Litigation wind

Immigration or nationality wind

Racism or opposition wind

Family feud wind

Indebtedness wind

Ministerial adverse wind

Foes and fiends’ wind

Fair weather friends

Burglary or infirmity wind

Or whatever wind you may face,

Jesus is Lord over them all.


Salvation belongs to the Lord.

If God be for you,

 who can be against you?

Thanks be to God

who always causes us to triumph.

Greater is He that is in you

than he that is in this world.

Through our God we shall do valiantly.

He prepares a table for me

 in the presence of my enemies.

No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.

When the enemy comes like a flood

The Spirit of God will raise a standard against him.

Those who come in one way will flee in seven ways.

There are more with me that are against me.

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