Fenny in Concert. Hurry! Limited Space ( by Fenny West)

Fenny in Concert. Hurry! Limited Space

A picture can preach a message and can be more than a thousand words.

fenny in Concert with a crowd

People were in the rafters and it spilled into the open. Even babes could not contain themselves.

Or was it, ‘If the adults will not come I will serenade the  babes to sleep?

You decide what this picture is saying.



Other possible sayings of this picture


Since he cannot preach to people he is preaching to bones like Ezekiel


Who is the captive audience?


If you cannot preach to one person, you are not qualified to preach to millions.


Fenny’s humble beginning.


It all started here.

It takes one to reach one.


Thank God I have an audience.


When the table is all set and the sumptuous sup is causing mouths to water and those invited are making excuses, go to the high ways and by ways, nooks and crannies  and bring in the lame, blind etc until my house is full.


Those who humble themselves will be exalted.

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