My Iron Will Swim ( by Fenny West)

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My dream shall live

Because He lives

My purpose shall speak

Because the blood speaks

My iron will swim.


Regardless of opposition

I expect promotion.

I see progression

Because of Jesus’ intercession.

My iron will swim.


Regardless of the passage of time

In His hand is my time.

And at the appointed time

My dream will speak and not lie.

My iron will swim.


God is on my side,

So no matter betide

I will cross over.

I will reach the other side.

My iron will swim.


All things are possible.

I can do all things

Through Christ, my strength.

All things are mine.

My Iron will swim.


What is seen is passing.

What is seen is temporary.

What is seen is ephemeral.

What is seen is deceptive.

My iron will swim.


I dare to believe God

It shall be to me

According to His word

God will bring breakthrough

My iron will swim.





“The iron did swim.”—2 Kings 6:9.

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