Faith Nuggets (2) (by Fenny West)

Faith in God is gold

Faith strengthens you

Faith in God’s word is good and great

Faith in God comforts you

Faith puts fear to flight

Fear feeds you a lie

Faith equips you to fight the good fight of faith

Faith releases the ability of God

Faith fuels confidence and excellent performance

Faith lifts you to higher plane

Faith increases your self esteem

Faith is: Forgetting  Adversity I Trust Him

Faith is a product of hope; no hope, no faith.

Faith rejoices in hope despite adversities.

Faith sees beyond the seen.

Faith gives thanks in all things.

Faith sings in the rain like a robin.

Faith praises God at all times especially at midnight of life.

When you fear, you forget every good thing and run.

Fear intimidates, emasculates and strangulates

Faith puts God in the picture and becomes happy

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