The Birth of Jesus ( by Fenny West)

The Birth of Jesus

  birth of Jesus4 birth of Jesus3 birth of Jesus8 birth of Jesus7


The birth of Jesus

Ushered God with us

Brought God for us

Signalled God is us.

The birth of Jesus

Brought Hope to us

Who sat in darkness

To enter God’s brightness.

 birth of Jesus2

The birth of Jesus

Was the birth of Light

And the birth of Life

And the birth of Love.

 birth of Jesus9

The birth of Jesus

Birth God’s song

For those in the wrong

Gave hope to those

wallowing in the dung.


May this season

rekindle your hope

even against hope

Because of the God of Hope.

May this season

give you reason

to press on in season

and even out of season.

May your remembrance

Cause you to dance

And run your race of grace

With super-abundant grace.

 birth of Jesus10herald CGCF j0283928


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