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unique inspiration and gifts

Products:  sermons and songs; framed poems, books, cds, dvds, and inspirational plaques; SMART: Scripture Memorisation and Reference Tree (leaves)

Services : Songwriting, creative writing, Scripture memorisation Workshops,  being your own boss seminars, Tuition: Maths English, Guitar, video making with green screen effect;

 Inspirational Days, concerts, charity fund raising events, publishing assistant, Music healing therapy and counselling , Making Music together

Vision Unpacked


Experience has shown us that there are many in the Church who are struggling with how to memorise scripture effectively.  We are here to help you.

This workshop can be organised by a church where we come specifically to teach various methods of memorising scripture effectively through songs, index cards, mnemonics, numerology and other techniques. We also have products that can make it easier for you to memorise scriptures.

Video Making Workshops

This is our skills impartation vision to help you acquire new skills and become more employable. We will teach you the foundational knowledge of making videos with different software and compiling them in various file formats for a DVD or for uploading on youtube. We will also teach you how to apply the Green Screen effect that allows you to use any background or sceneries that will wow your viewers.

Being Your Own Boss

 This workshop is for you if you aspire to set up our own business then we can give you the fundamentals you need to know to be able to make an informed decision where being your own boss is for you  or not. We will cover:

The business idea

The Business Plan

Presentation of your business


Maths and English Tuition

With many years of teaching at various levels and with children with varying abilities including those with special needs such as autism and Aspergia spectrum, dyslexia, epilepsy, EBD, PMLD, OCD, we will identify where the problem lies and address it.

We all know the importance of being grounded in the in these key subjects regardless of what you want to do in the future. We will assess you, identifying the level at which you are operation and help you to build and establish a good base for consolidation our knowledge of numeracy and literacy.  

We cover Primary school, secondary school, and GCSE levels and those preparing for SAT and Entrance exams. Teachers are welcome to join us.


Publishing Assistant

With our experience in the self-publishing sector, we are well-placed to assist you if you want to be a published author.   Everyone has a story and a book in the making in them. We will work with you to birth the book in you if not now, in future.

Guitar, Songwriting and Harmonica Tuition

We will teach beginners and those who make have had a few lessons in playing the guitar or the harmonica or songwriting. Our experience in writing and recording songs and even performing them will help us to take you to your land of opportunity.


Inspirational Days

Why not book for an inspirational day in your church, school, prison, youth club or other organisation?  We will use prose, poems, songs etc to inspire you and leave you having something to live for.


We will also be available for concerts- usually two sessions lasting about 2hours.

We will also be involved in fund-raising event for a charity provided you do the advertising and invite your guests.

Music Healing Therapy and Counselling   

When David was summoned to play for King Saul, he was refreshed, healed and delivered . We believe this to be our mandate. (1Sam16:23)

We know our songs scripture –packed and believe they are anointed to heal the sick- physically, mentally or emotionally and so long as you believe, it shall be to you. We shall also counsel you in line with the scriptures if you so desire. We will have a centre where you can come and receive your healing.

Worship leading

We also have experience in worship leading and can give you tips for managing the talents you have in your church for worship leading, whether working with a small or large group.

Making Music Together

We will be available to go into schools to organise sessions of making music together with children, taking them from the songwriting stage to the production of an album or a recorded song. This process will expose children to the various aspects of making music and also to know other aspects of the music industry apart from singing or songwriting. It is bound to open their eyes to other possibilities of their involvement even if they are not gifted in songwriting or singing.




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