Perfect Sufficient Son ( by Fenny West)

call on me go into all the world Christ  i did4 u  2 jesus interceding easter 5 he rose again

The Perfect Sufficient Son
Holy and anointed One
Came to dispel the darkness
To lift people from the mess.

Sufficient in Him we are
Whether we are near or far
He reigns supreme in our hearts
Who gave us a glorious start.

Speaks through His humanity
Identifying with you and me
Speaks through His royalty
He raised us up- you and me
Speaks through His divinity
Made us partakers, you and me
Speaks through His deity
He is supreme, with sovereignty.

He is God, the Son
He is wonderful
He is the counsellor
He is all-powerful
He is the Intercessor
He’s great and marvellous.

He prevails and assails
He decrees and it stands
So together, let us hail
And follow His commands.
©Fenny West2013

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