Healing Haven ( by Fenny West) sermon

by his stripesHealer my God

healing takes courage Leaveing everything in god's hands

Healing Haven


  Healing Haven, Healing Stream

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River of health from the Throne of Grace,

Birthing His will, healing by His word

His Word that is spirit and is life,

Heralding and reining in health;

Flushing out all sickness and disease.

It is life-giving and life-changing
Life- restoring, rejuvenating,
Invigorating, illuminating,
Hope-rekindling, very dynamic,
Giving glory and honour to God.

Healing Stream, demonstrating His love
Razor-sharp, piercing and recharging,
Confirming the New Covenant
Revealing the better promises
Penetrating and transforming,

Medicine to body, soul and spirit;
Medication from meditation
Confirming that our God does not change
Affirming that Jesus remains the same,
Yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

I shall dwell on the powerful, dynamic, living, razor-sharp word of God. Nothing and no one is impervious from God’s word.
Jesus said ‘The Words that I have spoken to you they are and spirit and life.’ His word is medicine to one’s whole body.Pov4:22
Healing is the bread of the Children of God. God is not against circular medicine but we need to depend more on the word of God than any other methods. We would be short-hanging ourselves if we abandon our covenant of healing and go beggarly and poorly.
Being built up in faith to be able to depend on the word of God does not come overnight. We need to trust Him to heal us of colds and headaches before we can believe Him for life threatening situations. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God ( Romans 10:17). As we keep internalising the word of God and exposing ourselves to the healing scriptures we will be energised and revived to receive our healing.
We also need to know the different methods we can receive our healing and not put God in a box. Ours is to pray and His is to heal us the way He desires. Healing can be immediate or through gradual recovering. We must be prepared for this. Healing can also come through obeying some seemingly ridiculous instructions from the Spirit of God. We must ready for this. Also certain problems may require prayer and fasting. (Matt.17:21)

The Spirit of the Lord ( song)



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