Standing to Face Your Goliath ( by Fenny West)

david defeats goliath david and goliath3 david and goliath2 david and goliath tn_j0353635


Standing to Face Your Goliath


God is not a man that He should lie. His promises are ‘yes and amen’ in Christ Jesus. It is true that Goliath will threaten, torment and taunt us as we hold on to the promises of God but we must continue to see our problems through the eyes of God, like David. When David did  he was able to bring down Goliath and turn on the light for the whole of Israel. Goliath can be a family or Church bondage or an addiction that keeps daring you. Do not throw in the towel but stand until it falls. Submit yourself to God and resist the enemy. Stand on the promises- the New Covenant established on better promises.

God’s word is as fresh as ever- new every morning. May you be refreshed, energised, and rebooted step on the water of His word to you and enter your promised land ins Christ.

Stand to face your Goliath and he will come crashing down in the fullness of time, in Jesus Name.


It would be great to hear from you if the Lord uses this message to confirm what He is saying or had said to you.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.

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