Keep your Dream Alive! (by Fenny West)

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God has a plan, purpose and assignment for each one of us. That dream can only be fulfilled as we come to know Him and enquire of Him. Purpose that is not known or understood will be abused, wasted. Your dream will be opposed. David’s dream was opposed, Jesus’ was opposed. Joseph’s dream was opposed. Nehemiah’s dream was opposed, so relax when your dream is opposed. Or has your dram suffered a delay. God’s time is the best.

May this song encourage you to keep your dream alive; fan it ablaze, face it, follow it, and fulfill it to the glory and praise of your Maker.


Every one has an assignment.
Each one has a purpose.
Everyone has a God-ordained dream.
Life has no meaning
If you don’t know its reason.
So keep your dream alive!

Keep your dream
Keep your dream alive
Go and fulfil purpose
Go now to your God
Let Him tell you your purpose
And life would have a new meaning

Fight the good fight of faith.
Fight for God- given dream.
Fight in the power of His might.
You’re a light, take your rightful place.
Shine Saint, in the night
So keep your dream alive.

“Child of God, I have a plan and purpose for you.
Be not side-tracked.. You will hear a voice saying to you:
“This is the way, walk you in it. I have a thought that I think towards you-
thought of peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope; a future
filled with hope. Like I had a plan for Jeremiah, so I have for you. Like I
had a plan for Abraham (Gen12:1-3), so I have for you. Like I had a plan
for Joseph—to save many in famine- so I have for you; like I had a plan
for Esther, to save her people from extermination, so I have for you; like I
had a plan for Nehemiah, to rebuild the broken down wall of Jerusalem,
so I have for you; like My plan for Moses- to lead his people out from the
house of bondage—so I have a plan for you; Like I had a plan for Paul- to
take he Gospel to the Gentiles, so. I have a plan for you.
If God be for you who can be against you?

Press on to the finishing line.

Fix your gaze on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith.
“Like Jesus, finish the work that I have given you.”
Jesus said, “It is finished, I have finished the work that you gave me to do.”

Paul said, “I have finished my course I have run my race, I have kept the faith”
He also said, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.”
So find that purpose, face that purpose, pursue that purpose, finish,

accomplish, and fulfil that purpose, assignment,

dream and calling. Finish in style and with finesse.
Accomplish your assignment!

©Fenny West2012

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