Pursuing Purpose Can Pose a Problem


Pursuing Purpose Can Pose a Problem

Make things harder than before

Like Moses made things harder for Jacob

Pharaoh getting mad, vindictive.


David was destined for the throne

But he had to dodge Saul’s venom

Run from pillar to post, under cover

Things going from bad to worse was the process.


Without the process, there will be no promise

He had to endure like a soldier

Joseph was ordained to be a governor

But the pit and prison had to precede.


Without wisdom and understanding, you cannot stand

You will cry ’Wolf’ and throw in the towel

You will play into the enemy’s hand,

Who’s come to kill steal and destroy!


So when the fire gets hotter and hotter

Trust in His faithfulness as He refines

You will not come out bitter but better

You will come out smelling like rose.


Daniel’s friends are your example

They stood the test, would not compromise

Daniel himself leaves us a lesson:

From opposition you can obtain promotion.

Ex5.5:1-14,22,23, Ex6:6

‘The supreme need in every hour of difficulty

Is a vision of God’ – G.C. Morgan

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