Sonnets- Lesson 5

A Sonnet is a poem consisting of 14 lines (iambic pentameter) with a particular rhyming scheme: Examples of a rhyming scheme: #1) abab cdcd efef gg #2) abba cddc effe gg #3) abba abba cdcd cd  The rhyming scheme used here is the abab cdcd efef gg

The Apple Of My Eyes

The apple of my eyes, that’s what you are

My treasured one, the best bird I can have

Ruined and marred by the fall that kept you far

Yet I longed daily for you my first love

Wondering and pondering which day you will come

Waiting and looking for my broken dream

To come into my garden and bosom

I looked here and there even in the stream

Prepared a sumptuous meal for you and I

But there, vacant remained your seat and place

Gone for so long, I kept asking, ‘Why, Why?’

When will you return and show me your face

No one, nothing can take your place beloved

For you any mountain I would have moved

©Fenny West


Again the rhyming scheme used here is the abab cdcd efef gg

Coming And Going

Coming and going just searching for you

Ravished then famished, taken breath away

I went to heaven and then hell for you

Why summer and winter on the same day?

My joy, my jewel, you’re my reason for being

Your smile is the sun that will dry my tears

Come take my arms, I will give anything

Why do you run? What, my love are your fears?

A new leaf I will turn, eyes just for you

A new song I will sing, ’Just two of us’

O, come home, come home, I badly need you

Without you, I will be at a great loss

 Come into my fold, O love that’s gone cold.

Truly, to me, you will ever be gold.

©Fenny West

Now, over to you. Have a go.

You can achieve it if you conceive it and believe it.

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