Keep Your Dream Alive!

keep the flame burning

Keep your dream alive!

An abundant life live.

Live a life of significance.

Live a life of substance.

Cause a song and dance

Make a remarkable difference

Because You’re different.


Make a mark that is indelible.

With God all things are possible.

If God be for you,

Who can be against you?

Let your dream be big.

Your God is extraordinarily big.

Run to finish and finish well.

In His secret place always dwell.

Seek not His hand but His face;

And you will go from glory to glory

from height to height;

from strength to strength

from grace to grace

in your race of grace.

Banish every fear.

The Lord is near.

Go for gold,

be strong and be bold.

From every pain obtain

and retain a gain.

Join the Divine victory train.

Pursue your purpose

in Spite of those who oppose

Push! press into your promised land

Never mind the giants in the land.

©F.G. West

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