Love Growing Stronger and Stronger ( by Fenny West)

Love Growing Stronger and Stronger

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Though the years have taken their toll on

our earthly suit,

Yet our love remain growing stronger

and stronger.

Though the grinders gone and the

shutters dim,

Yet the fires of our passion still red-hot.

Though we talk and babble like babes,

Yet we communicate with just a look

Though the ears are dull and some

memories fail,

Yet we hear with the touch, never forget

each other.

And though the hand may be so, so cold,

The hearts remain glowing, very, very


The sun may now be setting on our days

But our spirits remain knit, ever

increasing, rising.




Beautiful Beloved, Beyond Compare

Laughing CoupleBeautiful beloved, beyond compare

Beloved, Beautiful, beyond compare
My dove, darling, sweeter than wine
Completely flawless and very rare
Come, fairest of the ten thousand, let’s dine.

O Best of the best, come, be my guest,
You have excellence without rival.
You’re my desire, my diamond, my quest,
Outshining the stars, ushering revival.

Ravishing, disarming, wonderful, glorious,
Your royalty and nobility, impeccable.
Masterpiece, work of art, gorgeous,
Exclusive, delight, spiced, adorable.




“Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold,     thou art fair” (Song of Sol. 4:1)

©Fenny West2013