Words of Wisdom

Apples Of Gold



They say an apple a day

 keeps the doctor away.

Go on! Have some apples

Of gold, in a setting of silver.

They’ll keep from trouble,

Or keep you from stumbling,

Or keep you from struggles,

 Or help you leap over hurdles.


Eat as much as you can.

No one will accuse you of greed

Or call you an Oliver Twist.


Feed your eyes.

Fuel your spirit and soul,

As you grow in grace

In your Race of Grace

Get insight, foresight,

Prudence, discretion,

Knowledge, understanding and

The Wisdom of the Kingdom life.


Don’t forget to pass

some of the apples

 to a friend in need.

Remember: A friend in need

Is a friend indeed.


I know they also say,

‘One bad apple

spoils the whole bunch.’

But you don’t need to

worry about that here.

These apples you see

have longevity

 and purity to infinity.

They will never go bad.

They have ability

not only to reform,

but also transform

the hard and bad.

They are plumb, lush

Delicious, mouth watering;

Simply divine.



False accusation is a trump card Satan uses whenever you’re about to be promoted.




It is not what you say, but what you do that matters.

Doing the right thing is the right way to right a wrong.

Action vindicates confession



Complaining about what you allow is the beginning of insanity

What you permit you, you commit and cannot omit



Your attitude to God’s statutes determines your altitude in life and where you spend eternity.




If you take a flight in anger, you’re bound to land in danger.

If you take Flight Anger, your destination will be Danger.


Anger is destructive passion


Anger is misdirected passion



Your assignment will only be in confinement when your alignment to God is hold no water.




Have courage to let the wrong people go, and your dream will take off.

You cannot be holding on to Jonah and expect the storm against your boat because of Jonah to stop.

Let the wrong people go and your vision will start going places.

Preserving a relationship that should die is like going East and leaving your anchor on a train going West.

Some relationships are for a season.  A man of reason will identify them and let go. A fool will hold on to them and lose his destiny.

God will not give you a relationship that will take His place.

Watch your association. They could assuage or undermine your acceleration.

Get rid of the Jonah in your boat before it sinks.

You cannot be wise whilst walking with fools.


Attitude/ ingratitude


Ingratitude is the attitude that betrays altitude.

The attitude of servitude leads to altitudes.



Satan only attacks those people who have what he fears.

The level of your attack is a mirror and measure of the level of your blessing.

Anointing attracts attack.





Forcibly taking what God has not given to you is a way to lose what He gave to you.




Life is a constant battle.  You either breakthrough or you bail out.

What makes life interesting are the constant battles we face to keep us looking at His face.

What has dogged your footsteps the most is your spring-board in waiting to be stepped on and tapped for your lift-off.

No battles, no victories

Every battle has a potential blessing. But only the wise see the blessing before hand.

Unless you’ve been through some things, you cannot bring anyone through anything.

The battles you face determine the blessings that you enjoy.



What you believe in your heart determines what you receive in your hand.







Bitterness is like a dog that bites its keep and owner, wounding them and slowly maiming them to death.[/size]

Bitterness is slow death.

Bitterness hurts the holder more than it does the person against whom it is held.




If you have no boundary, you’re in a quandary and anything goes.



What you do not challenge, takes root.



Change brings strange discomfort

Change may bring pain in its train but it also brings gain.

What you refuse to confront you reinforce   .


Change comes with crisis.

To change your future you have to begin the change today.

Your present is the result of your past and your future will be the result of your present. So fix your present to fix your future.[/size]



Character Fruit/Gifts

Fruits reveal character. Gift reveal graces-unmerited favour bestowed



Your choices determine your future success or failure[/size]




Your commitment and desire to stretch and press will lift you up to the top of the ladder.

An uncommon dream requires an uncommon commitment.



Complaining about what you allow is the beginning of insanity.



Some people are experts at analysing why Peter sank whilst never thinking of leaving the boat themselves.

Critics are gold when they are constructive and dross when they are destructive.



 When Satan shows you your minus, take it to the cross where it can be turned into a plus.


Debt is the death of financial prudence.

Debt is the loss of financial freedom.

Debt is financial slavery.

Debt mortgages your future for present gratification.

Debt is the mortgage of your financial future.

Debt is the forfeiture of your financial future.



The decision of the troubled mind leads to further confusion and trouble.

The decision of the troubled mind adds to the trouble, divides the mind and multiplies the sorrow.

When you get to your crossroad, look to the cross.



Judgement by appearance is deception in abeyance.


The solutions you bring with ease is a pointer to your destiny and dream




Your level of determination determines your level of breakthrough



The diligent does today what the indolent postpones till another day.

The indolent delays-dilly dallying, whereas the diligent is prompt

Don’t delay. Do today, what you can do today and your future shall come to stay.



Without a direction, there is no destination.



Disobedience says to God, ‘I don’t trust you. I have no confidence in you.  I’ll do it my own way.’

Disobedience precedes insignificance.




Adjusting your theology to your tragedy is a recipe for disaster.




Doubt your doubt to oust your enemies

Doubt breaks the legs of a miracle even before it had had the chance to put its pants on.




When your dream is married to God’s dream, you get a great stream without infinite source, resource, getting and begetting from generation to generation.[/size]



The bigger your enemy, the bigger the victory

Your enemies can indirectly leads you to your victory.[/size]



Your environment can be a catalyst to your productivity



Resenting excellence condemns and consigns you to mediocrity




Unless you add the ‘extra’ to the ordinary, it does not become extraordinary.

Unless you do what others are not prepared to do, you’ll remain where they are.



Failure is a good teacher in the school of success.[/size]


Faith /fear


When fear is embraced, faith is rebuffed and fired.

Fear uproots faith and plants itself.

Unless you step into the water you cannot walk on water.

Refine your goal to recharge your faith

Faith is the airplane that takes you from one altitude to another.

When you kill faith, fear is born.

Crying does not move God. It’s faith that moves Him.

When you kill fear, faith is born.

When you clip the wings of faith, fear rules.

Feed your faith with the word of faith.




Everyone falls, but the wise ones rise up and keep on going

If you have not fallen then you have not tried walking.




Fame will shame you unless you back it with character.

Fame will birth failure in future unless secured on a solid rock.



When you’re too familiar with something, it disappears.




One day of divine favour is better than a life-time of human labour





When you are afraid, you are telling God: I know You are powerful, but I cannot trust You.

Fear makes a mountain out of a mole hill.

Fear forges, freezes and falsifies the truth.



When you get away from God’s fold, you get cold.



Your focus feeds your feeling

What you focus on you become

The sharper your focus, the greater your confidence

If you focus on what you’re going through, you’ll forfeit where you’re going to.

If you focus on what you’re going through you get no where.

Stop looking backward or you’ll miss the mark in front.

When you break your focus, you breach your future.

Focus on Jesus and you’ll not be at a loss.




  A fool fights darkness instead of putting on the light.[/size]



  Your friends can frame your future 



  What you do today will determine where you’ll be tomorrow

With God, your past does not determine your future

God always uses what you have now to bring about what you need in future.

If you can see the picture of your future in the present, you will get there. 




  When the gift takes the place of the Giver, it’s time to let go.

Beware of French gifts.  They are hooks from crooks with bait at the end.

A wise man prevents his foot from going into his mouth.

Giver( as above)





  Giving, gags and conquers your greed.

In giving we open the doors of our future harvest.

The more you take, the less you’re blessed. 



  Unless you yield totally, you cannot see God’s glory. 




  If you have no goals others will find goals for you

Without a goal, you’re likely to end up in a gaol or a dead end.

Without a goal you may end up on the dole. 


  God’s way  


  God’s ways are not our ways.  He uses wounded healers.

You have to be bruised to be used.   


  God’s will  


  God’s will is God’s pill, which is the Gospel. 

  God’s wisdom   God is too wise to pay a great price for what is good for nothing.   God wounds you before He uses you to heal. 



  An uncommon weakness is a potential ground for an uncommon grace. 



  How you treat greatness determine whether or not you will be great. 




  You cannot undo what you keep on doing 





  What you hear repeatedly is reinforced in you and galvanises you into action.

What you hear will shape what you will be.

If you don’t watch what you hear, you’ll end up with a tear, fear or care. 



  The garland of honour remains even when the wearer is long gone. 




  Ignoring your ignorance, leads you to oblivion.

Satan will use ignorance to blindfold you and steal your goods.



  The more orderly you are the greater your propensity for increase 



  Information is not education

Information is a bridge to transformation. 




  Intercessions results in God’s intervention. 


  We were all flawed from the onset, but Jesus came to lift us up from the floor and the flaw.

The Prince of Peace picks your pieces and uses them to make you whole 



  Joy is Jesus on your side. 




  The attraction of your kindness will surpass the attention of your cleverness

Kindness opens the door rudeness closes.

Kingdom of God (The)

In the Kingdom of God, the way down is the way up. 

In the Kingdom of light, we give to receive.

In the Kingdom of God, you lose your life to keep it and keep it to lose it.

In the Kingdom of God we repay evil with good.

Servants are masters in the Kingdom of God. 




  Labour with favour gives you a cutting edge. 



  Learning-not yearning -leads to earning.

Proper learning positions you for plenteous earning. 



  The more light you have in you, the quicker darkness will be dispelled from you. 



  Often, listening is better than advice. 






  Love without passion is like a balloon without air or a plane without a fuel or pilot or a bird without a wing.

Loving without giving is a gimmick.

Loving without giving is lying.

Shallow love quickly turns to hate rubbed the wrong way.

Love that corrects is the love that counts. 



  Loneliness turns into an appointment with God, when handed to Him. 



If you cannot manage today you damage tomorrow. 



  When you learn from your mentors, you gain from their experience without their suffering or pain.

In a mentor you have a distant friend with lots of experience right by you. 



  The prison of memory is stronger than any maximum security prison.

Visit your memory lane.  Meditate on what God had done in times past and you will have a fillip to press on to Victory Land 




 A wise man minds his mind as well as his mouth.

Mind your mind and you will find God’s mind.

Mind your mind.  Never leave it behind.

To shield your mind field, refuse to yield to your adversary.

Unless you make up your mind yourself, others or events will make it up for you. 




  Obstacles and seeming impossibilities are birthplaces of miracles.

Man’s impossibility is the womb of God’s miracles.

The impossibility of man is the breeding ground of a miracle.

Miracles are often birthed on the threshold of great obstacles.

The miraculous often comes through the ridiculous. 



  Money that is misused will mock the previous owner.







  Obedience is the key to promotion and excellence

Every step of obedience inches you closer to your Promised Land.

Every step of obedience is a mile stone on the road to excellence and significance.

God will not use a miracle where obedience will do.

God will not answer the prayer which has a front and garb of disobedience.






  Miracles are often birthed on the threshold of great obstacles. 




  Evil always opposes good, but good always prevails.

An uncommon opposition will give birth to an uncommon breakthrough.

That you are opposed does not mean you are wrong. 




  Opportunity abound in any difficulty.  



  You steal from yourself when you live a life of disorder

Orderliness and godliness are brothers and bed-fellows

The more orderly you are the greater your propensity for increase

Order takes you further, makes you greater, takes you higher, makes you better. 




  Pain is part of you crying, ‘Give me attention!’

Pain is the voice of unease.

Go past the pain to your future gain. 




 Your passion positions you for fulfilling purpose.

Passion from a pure heart propels the power of God.

Your passion point to your purpose. 



  Persistent pondering on the past postpones the future. 





  A parasite is one who makes his domain a foreign territory.

A parasite takes without contributing and leaves when you’re licked dry.

A parasite pacifies and soothes you while he sucks your blood. 





  To reap and eat the fruit of patience, you have to pay the currency of time. 



  Without the Prince of Peace, you cannot have the peace of God.

If you refuse peace, you embrace pieces.




  Stand on God’s command even when you don’t understand

When you sing the song God gives you in the night, He brings you into your day.

When you praise God in your night, His strength becomes evident in weakness. 





  When you can see through the eyes of God, you can have calm within a storm. 


  Pleasing people 

  When you live to please people, you will displease God.

If you always seek to please man, you will be frustrated. But if you please God, you will be invigorated.[/size]



 A day in the presence of God is better than a life-time outside it.

God’s presence pays handsomely.

God’s presence prevents power failure.

If you want God’s presence, seek His presence and not His presents. 





The price you’re will to pay will determine the Prize that will come your way.


Prize -every prize has a price




  Those who put God first will never come last. 




  For every problem, there is a Solution

Problem-solvers will always be in business.

Life is simple: You’re either creating problems or solving them; creating some problems and solving others or simply creating problems.  




  If you don’t use what you have you lose it.

A wise man uses what he has to get what he does not. 


  Promised Land  


  Give a hand when you can and you will be paving a way to your Promised Land

Every Promised Land has a special key to unlocking the treasury.

Those who refuse to till their land will not eat of it. 





  Prosperity is having enough provision for your vision.

Prosperity that focuses on goods is not good. 




  What out for provocations. They are often staircases to promotion. 




  The problem you solve prepares you for purpose.

Purpose without pursuit is the future postponed.

Purpose opposed can propel. 



  Regret would not bring redress but repentance brings resurgence. 




  Preserving a relationship that should die is like going East and leaving your anchor on a train going West.

Some relationships are for a season.  A man of reason will identify them and let go when they pass their sell-by date. A fool will hold on to them and lose his destiny.

God will not give you a relationship that will take His place.   




  The unsuccessful resent the successful and yet wonder why they are unsuccessful.

Resenting excellence condemns and consigns you to mediocrity. 



  What you disrespect will not benefit you. What you respect will come to you.

What you respect, you attract. And what you disrespect, you repel. 



 You cannot stay in the boat and walk on water. 



  How far you go on the ladder of life depends on much you’re prepared to go without to get there. Those who sacrifice will get the prize.

No price, no Prize.




Ignoring your season is committing treason without reason.

A harvest before a due season can be hazardous.





 As you release your seed you create a pathway for your needs to be met.

As you release your seed, God releases your harvest.

 A seed takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

For every harvest there is a seed.

If you hold your seed, it cannot bring a harvest.

The quality of your seed determines the quality of your harvest.

Give God your present and He will give you your future. Failure can be a seed you sow for you to succeed.






  Self image 

  If you have put no value for yourself, no one will put value on you. 



  Self-sufficiency is a limitation to and in God. Self-sufficiency undermines God’s sovereignty. 



  There is a potential for being used most in the area you are tried most.

Serving well is the training ground for leading well.

We serve man to serve God.

Service that is self-serving is selfish. 



  Sharing your problems with those who cannot solve it increases your problems. 



The significant, pay the price the insignificant refuse to pay.   




  If you have nothing good to say keep quiet. Silence cannot be amplified. 



  When you’re yielded to the Spirit, you’ll not be yielded to sin.

When you enjoy sin, you mortgage your joy.

Those who eat others for breakfast with you will one day eat you for breakfast with others. 


For every problem, there is a Solution


When you solve a problem, you’re making a bed of roses that you will one day lie on.

When you become a solution centre, you’re entering the centre of your future.


  Short cuts 

  When you take a short cut to the promise of God, you not only cut yourself short but also short-change yourself.

When you cheat to fulfil the promise of God, you have failed the test and have to do it again. 


  Sovereignty of God  


  Be sure of this: God will never make Himself irrelevant in your life. 


  Sowing and Reaping 

  Reckless sowing gives birth to excess, bumper harvest.

If you want a bountiful harvest, you have to sow a bountiful seed.

If you sow nothing, you will reap nothing

Unless you sow a seed, you cannot have a harvest.

Often you have to do what you have not done before do get what you love to have.

When a good seed meets with a good soil, the harvest is bumper.

Your seed return with a harvest when you least expect it.

Give your seed an assignment and it will not remain indolent.

A seed sown in a good ground will turn your life around.

You cannot sow corn and reap acorns.  You cannot sow apples and reap apricots

If you eat your seed, you will have no harvest.

You cannot be 100% behind God when you rob Him of your 10%[/size].



  Spiritual warfare 


  When the devil is after you, you go after God.

When the devil is on your tail, rejoice, because you’ve got something he is envious of.

Spiritual warfare can only be won with the word.   Start 

 Starting right is the right way to start. 




  Success is not only determined by what you do but also what you refuse to do.

The unsuccessful resent the successful and yet wonder why they are unsuccessful.   Teachable 


  Unless you’re teachable you’re unreachable. 



  When Satan wants to lure you, he dangles a carrot.[/size]



  If you do not value your time, then your financial future has no value

If you do not value your time don’t expect other to value it

Time tries, tells, trains and tames.

Lateness is not determined by distance but by your attitude to time. 



  What you tolerate, you cannot mitigate, eliminate or obliterate.

What you tolerate, you instigate and propagate. 



  Information acted upon brings transformation  


  Trials /Treasures/Triumph

  Treasures of darkness are released through triumphing over trials.  

  Use what you’re going through as a ladder or lift to where you’re going to.

A beautiful tapestry is usually made up of different colour; some bright, and some dark. If you want only bright colours, forget the tapestry. And this applies to your life.  



  Trusting the right person will thrust you into your future.  



  Your difference underscores and assuages your significance

Your difference makes for your significance.  


  Use /service  

  There is a potential for being used most in the area you are tried most.  


 If you have put no value for yourself, no one will put value on you.


  Waiting time is growing time, not groaning or moaning time.  



  Man’s weakness is God’s strength.

Never kid with any weakness that has been your waterloo.

An uncommon weakness is a potential ground for an uncommon grace.

An uncommon weakness is an opportunity for God’s strength to be made manifest.

Those who caress and stroke your weakness will stoke and stall your future.

Those who caress your weakness are careless about your future.

Your weakness can be your strengths, with God.

Satan’s link to you is your weakest point.


Man’s wisdom is God’s foolishness.  


  Word of God  

  The word of God is the will of God.  





  Your words will imprison you or set you free.

Your words will lift you or put you down.

Your words will mitigate you or liberate you.

Your words can fire you up or retire you.

Your words can be your asset or your liability, you choose.

You can choose what you say and choose what to have independent of what you have chosen to say.

What you have chosen to say is what you have chosen to have.

When you give someone a piece of your mind and lose your peace, you might end up in hospital.

What you say determines the wages you get on pay day.

How you say it is as important as what you say.  




  Worry will nag you, wind you up, weary you, ditch you in a pool of hurry and make you sorry.