Soldier On, Press On ( by Fenny West)

Soldier On, Press On. Take territories. Subdue Kingdoms. Leave no stones unturned. I have given you authority. I have given you dominion of the Kingdom. You are called for such a time as this.

 Rise, rule and reign in the midst of your enemies. Know that angels are on assignment. Arise and Shine. Arise and go.

Get up and go. Rise from slumber and go!

Sudden Surprise Awaits You ( by Fenny West)

Sudden surprise awaits you as
Every obstacle and impediment that have held you back give way and
Peace profound follow you, causing you to
Triumph in all you do and wherever go. God by His Spirit will cause you to
Enter and occupy your promised land and have dominion.
Multiple incomes streams will be opened for you as the Lord
Brings you into glory unusual, breakthrough that’s breath-taking.
Enjoy, give thanks, praise, glory, and honour.
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. Happy Upliftment in September.


Happy September ( by Fenny West)

Happy New Month


See through the eyes of God

Enjoy where you are to where you’re going

Pay the price and you will obtain the prize

Tests that come to you will bring great testimonies

Expectations determine manifestations. Have great expectations.

Make God number one and you will not come last

Be bold to take steps of faith and you will go places

Every journey begins with the first step. Take the first step this month.

Revival awaits you. Don’t let it elude you.