Soldier On, Press On ( by Fenny West)

Soldier On, Press On. Take territories. Subdue Kingdoms. Leave no stones unturned. I have given you authority. I have given you dominion of the Kingdom. You are called for such a time as this.

 Rise, rule and reign in the midst of your enemies. Know that angels are on assignment. Arise and Shine. Arise and go.

Get up and go. Rise from slumber and go!

God Still Speaks ( by Fenny West)

all things are urs1 goals 1 goals 2 peace to ur past author and finisher Leaveing everything in god's hands good successA when you are down to nothing afflictions ps34 19 the righteous cry out ps34 17 back on the wall call to me Jer33 3 s91 1 God's plan God's guidance7 God's guidance6 God is speaking ru listening1

God Still Speaks

God still speaks. The question is: Are you listening? Jesus said ‘My sheep hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. God guides and He guides well. His guidance does not preclude storms of life. But when you have heard from Him you need to encourage yourself with the prophetic word He has given you to sustain in the times of storms of life that will try to negate His word. Pray His word back to Him. Use it a a weapon against the enemy of your soul and come out victorious.