Donation or Duration? You Choose! (Fenny West)

What Matters Most? Donation or Duration?

You choose!

You can make your years count

more than the count of your years.


You can make your years count more than the count of your years.

Jesus started His ministry at thirty and finished at thirty-three and made an impact that is for all time.


Paul was a murderer who was turned around for good. He then despite his afflictions and persecutions preach the gospel, built churches and wrote 13 best-seller of all-time that is much of the New Testament and impacting our lives.208[1]


David was a champion sinner, but he had a heart after God and so God could use him mightily. He had a donation and duration. His Psalms have touch countless lives as we can identify with the various emotions he experience during his trials. You too can birth songs through your experiences such that will remain, endure and bless others long after you have gone. You can also write books based on your sufferings that would heal others. Don’t waste your sorrows.


Donation or duration,? You choose.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was the prince of preachers and a prolific writer. His writings have endured the ages and continue to bless us ling after he has gone. Someone said though he died at fifty-eight, he did the work of fifty-eight men. His life was more of a donation than duration.

spurgeon 1

So what legacy do you want to leave behind?

Donation or duration? the choice is yours.

Lord, may my life count more than the count of my years, in Jesus name.


©Fenny West2013