How Do You See ( Fenny West)

How Do You See

What we take for granted
Is longed for by many.
O that we would be grateful,
Count all our blessings,
Name them one by one,
Give glory to the Holy One,
For His love, goodness and kindness.

When you see through the eyes of God,
You will be greeted with such joy, awe,
Dumbfounded, exhilarated and elated.

Lord, help me to see through Your eyes.

In this Month of March, March!

In this Month of March, March!


In this month of March

Get your marching orders

Get up and go, saint

Get up and begin to march

March toward the Land-

The Land ordained for you

The Land flowing with milk and honey.



Let no excuse keep you back

It’s time for you to make your mark

Be not bothered by the giants

Whether or not they are adamant.

You have got what if takes

For about your past mistakes

Know that angels are on assignment.


Believe in God and believe in yourself

Self confidence and confidence in God

Should be allowed to interplay

If you will enter and occupy.

Stand your ground always

Give no room to your enemy.

Then you will clinch the victory.


Put fear far away from you

Visualise always the breakthrough

Fight with every fibre of your being

Know you’re called priest and King

Take dominion over the wicked foe

Put him in his proper place- under your feet.

Don’t relent until the conquest is complete.


©Fenny West2013