Prepare Them (By Fenny West)

allison Naftallin     eagel babies eagle  coming prince and princess eagelburger young eagle learning to fly babies like eaglets CG5D

Prepare them

Impact them

Sow into them

Give them roots

And then wings

Push them out

Of the nest.

So they can fly

So they learn

Let them leave


crocodile boy 3

 crocodile boy

Give them tools

Give them wings

Let them fall

And learn to rise.

Let them fail

Learn to prevail

Like the eagle

Trains her young

Let them go

To be strong.


God trains us

so we reign

learn to soar

learn to stand

in this life

Show His light

and His life

And His power

and Glory

Point to Him.

amy Fallon

. ‘Fathers [mothers], do not…provoke [engage in contention, debate and strife] your children to anger [irritation, exasperation, embitterment]’ (Ephesians 6:4 AMP).

 ©Fenny West2013