Be the Best ( by Fenny West)



Be the best
By giving your best;
‘cause God gave his best-Jn 3:16
Jesus the First and the Last , the Best of the best
Be the best,
Not the rest.
Beat the rest.
Pass every test.
Stand the tempest.
Kill the pests
Employ your zest.
Surf the crest.
Let your potential manifest.
Stop being a guest.
Join in, give your best.
Make a divine quest.
Keep abreast.
Know the Best of the best.

See the light
Be a light.
Go in God’s might.
Be a Paul –not a Saul.
Insure your call.
Stand very tall.

Be the first
Beat the first.
Aim higher than the first.
Create a thirst.
Quench God’s thirst.
Beat the beast.
Rise from being the least.
Win the war.
Keep His law.

Like Joseph, be the best
Like Daniel, be the best.
Like Paul, be the best.
Like Esther, be the best.
Like Dorcas, be the best
Like David, be the best.

To be the best,
Wise-up first;
By putting God first.
Scale the crest.
Sit the test.
Pass, excel in the test.
Beat the beasts and pests,
Be full of manifest zest,
Take no undue rests.

To be the best,
Pursue, be on a quest.
Leave the feathered nest.
Work hard, quit being a guest.
Properly invest
In yourself invest.
In your future invest.
In your family invests.

To be the best,
Define your destination.
Deter all distraction.
Press to the end.
Never pretend.
Rise from mediocrity.
Embrace integrity.
Marry excellence
Pay the price for the prize.
Give your all, sacrifice.
Believe not the devil’s lies.

To be the best,
Get out of bed.
Be the head
And not the tail.
You’re not born to fail.
But born to prevail.
Let His word prevail.
Set your sail and sail.
Sour on eagle’s wings
Let His praises ring.
Leave a legacy.
Leave good history,
And a good testimony.
You’re born to win
And not for the bin.

To be the best,
Retreat to advance.
Finish very well.
On the past never dwell.
In His secret place ever dwell.
Every goliath fell.
Find financial freedom.
Find and keep the keys of the Kingdom.
Take complete dominion.
Be a champion.
Rise to a new dimension.
Turn your rejection
Into divine direction.

To be the best
Keep your head
Even when you’re ahead
Doubt your doubt.
Keep your mouth
You must be stout.
You must have clout.
Use adversity
For maturity and prosperity.
Use opposition
For progression and promotion.
Give divine love.
Always improve.
Shun not reproof.
Don’t be aloof.
Maximise your potential.
Fight not the unessential.

To be the best,
Value your time
Use well your time.
Know your purpose.
Pursue your purpose.
Know your reason.
Know your season
Make most of the season best;
With the currency, keep abreast.
Go from conquest to conquest.
Give your soul a feast.
Know that you’re blest
To be a blessing first.

The Mark of Excellence ( by Fenny West)

excellence CG69 race of grace finish CROWNS race of grace dash golden trott mo farah j0323740 CG5E j0236249 be the best

The Mark of Excellence
Is your inheritance,
and invention is your heritage;.
Creativity is your pedigree and portion.
Go and distinguish yourself.
Go and break glass ceilings.
Go and break records.
Go and set the pace for others to follow.
Arise and shine for your light has come.
Go and make your name a reality:

Triumphant, Talented
Achiever, A-star student
More than a conqueror
Unconquerable, Unique
New man, New Creation and creator
Blessed to be a blessing, Bright , Bold
Outstanding, Overcomer
Masterpiece, Master,


The Best is Yet to Come ( by Fenny West)

pursue overtake eagle full flight love1Cor13 love& spirit Marriage dos favour follows me dream big keep your dream alive keep your dream alive 1 excellence Destined for Greatness marketing ode don't quit17 uphill don't quit2 don't stop trying  don't quit God's plan in His time doing beyond dreams

The Best is Yet Come
So don’t regret your past.
Your present position
Is not your destination.

Yes, rise, get up and go.
Don’t give room to the foe.
There’s glory awaiting.
Better days are coming.

Friend, put the past behind
And embrace a new day
With your feet like the hind’s
Tread on with high places any day.

So rise up when you fall
And look up when you’re down.
Your genesis may be small,
Yet at your end shall be a crown.

The best is yet to come
Be that your expectation
Expect great promotion
The best is yet to come
Expect swift acceleration
The best is yet to come
Expect divine intervention
The best is yet to come
Expect miraculous manifestation.

Pressing Toward the Goal 

12 Not that I have already attained , or am already perfected; but I press on , that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.
13 Brethren , I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do ,  forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead ,
14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.