Soldier On, Press On ( by Fenny West)

Soldier On, Press On. Take territories. Subdue Kingdoms. Leave no stones unturned. I have given you authority. I have given you dominion of the Kingdom. You are called for such a time as this.

 Rise, rule and reign in the midst of your enemies. Know that angels are on assignment. Arise and Shine. Arise and go.

Get up and go. Rise from slumber and go!

Happy Father’s Day Cards/gift Ideas ( by Fenny West)

These are unique gift Ideas that you can use to bless your Fathers- natural or spiritual.

You can order for the audio accompaniment to make it thoughtful and special to make their Day. You can also do it yourself.

You can also order a video version to make it extra-special.

Contact us for other unique-gifts for special occasions and special people in your life.

It can also be framed and packaged.