Opposition Propels Promotion ( by Fenny West)

Opposition Propels Promotion (2)

When you are in league with God; when you are a son of God; when you are blood – washed and blood-bought; there is more to you than meets the eye. Those who touch you touch God. You are divine property and territory. Those who play with you play with fire. Those who oppose you are working for you; they are propelling you to your promotion; in fact, they are promoting you, unbeknown to them. 

Joseph was the son of Jacob, born in his old age, born to Rachel whom he loved but was barren until God heard her cry and opened her womb. She had suffered ridicule from her sister, Leah, also married to Jacob and had no problem in popping out children like popcorn. Rachel was despised, depressed and disdained because of her predicament. And so when Joseph was born, he became the apple of the eyes of Jacob. He loved him to a fault. He could do no wrong. Whilst others were sent into the forest to do the hard work, Joseph played games at home. He was treated like an egg and this aroused jealousy in the hearts of his brothers. They hated him. He was an offence to them. But it was not his fault that daddy loved him so much. In fact, he loved him to the point that he made a special robe of many colours for him. It was bespoke, specially embroidered and designed for him. It was undoubtedly expensive. Jacob spared no expense for this son that he waited for so long for. 

Joseph innocently lapped up the love and attention of dad, not knowing that his brothers were plotting murder. The opportunity came when Jacob sent his beloved on an errand to go and give food to his brothers in the jungle. 

They saw him coming with his flamboyant coat of many colours, and one of them said: “Behold, the dreamer is coming. Let us kill him and see what will become of his dreams.” 

Joseph had dreamed in times past and had innocently told his brothers about the dream. The interpretation of the dream was obvious. He was going to be the top dog in the family. Everyone would be subservient. In fact, he dreamed twice and both dreams said the same, “You will be my subjects.” 

This triggered their hatred and here in the jungle, he was at their mercy. They enjoyed the food he brought, yet plotted to kill him. 

He was stripped of his coat and dumped into a pit. They then changed their minds about killing him and sold him into slavery to some merchants who were passing by. 

The merchants took him to Egypt and sold him to a top army official, Potiphar. Joseph, the Prince in Jacob’s House was now a servant in a foreign land. 

Jacob taught his beloved son was dead. His brothers brought back his coat smeared with blood. They told him they saw the coat abandoned and knew nothing about his beloved son. He was to come to his conclusion based on the evidence before him. He grieved and mourned for his son, feared dead, whilst they pretended they knew nothing and were innocent. Inwardly they were jubilant, thinking “Good riddance!” 

But Opposition Propels Promotion. 

Just as Rachel’s opposition and disdain in her promotion, so did Joseph’s opposition propel his promotion.  But this will take some time for incubation before gestation. 

Firstly, Joseph though shielded from chores at home, secretly learned to give his best to whatever he did and this stood him in good stead. He served Potiphar to the best of his ability and was in league with God. He surrendered his future into the hand of God and looked forward to a grandiose tomorrow as he saw in the dream, no matter how impossible it may now seem. 

He served his master well, worked as if he was working for God. And whatever he put his hands to do prospered. Potiphar trusted him so much that he withheld nothing from him. He was a ‘king’ in the house, despite his official status as a houseboy. His master knew he was being blessed because of Joseph. He would not have any others house boy or servant. 

Satan Gets Jealous

Your opposition may not just come from those around you-your kit and kin, your family or church members or colleagues at work. It could also come from the devil, directly or indirectly. Why? He is not happy when you are glorifying God in your service to man. So he will try to fault you, pull you down. He would want you to compromise your standard. 

This was what happened to Joseph in Potiphar’s House. His wife saw that Joseph was handsome and cast a longing eye on him. She winked at him many times and dressed to seduce him but Joseph ignored her overtures. He knew it was a temptation and that the enemy of his soul was trying to get to him through this woman’s amoral flirting phase. 

One day as he went to tidy her room, she seized the opportunity to grab him, “Lie with me, now!” she imposed. 

Joseph left his coat with her and ran away. 

She screamed loud, raised an alarm that caused the neighbors to come running down for her rescue. And as they arrived she pretended to be a victim, sexually harassed, violated and raped by her servant. It was her word against his and as she was in tears and looked emotionally wrecked, they believed her. Joseph’s defence fell on a deaf ear, like water on a duck’s back. He was condemned, though innocent. 

When his master arrived, the drama was replayed, this time possibly made worse by neighbours who believed her and wanted this foreigner to get his ‘just’ desert. Everyone and everything seemed to be against Joseph, despite his integrity and purity and honesty. Satan had used this lustful woman to oppose his destiny. Potiphar reluctantly sent him to prison. His wife knew the evil she had orchestrated. 

But God is not dead. The good work He begins in your life cannot be scuppered. He has the final word. All things work together for good to those who love God; to those who trust Him; to those who are in league with Him. He fights their battles. One with God is a majority. No weapon fashioned against them will prosper. They may as it was Joseph going down a ladder to oblivion, despite the grandiose dream of greatness they have, but that ladder will lead them up. How? God knows how. There is nothing impossible with Him and to Him. 

So Joseph, the excellent man; the man who gave his best in Potiphar’s house and made him prosper is now in prison. Has he been abandoned by God? – Far from it. Was Joseph bitter? Definitely no. Joseph continued to be the best even in the prison. He repaid evil with good. He knew he was in a spiritual warfare and found ways to bless others. He looked beyond his troubles and cared for other inmates. 

Are you similarly “incarcerated, cocooned, isolated or even imprisoned”?

Joseph in prison, remained excellent, magnanimous and exemplary. The chief prison warden could not ignore his distinction, even in prison. He knew he was cut out for greatness and he wasted no time in making him an overseer of other prisoners. So Joseph prospered also in prison. Promotion followed him despite the opposition from Satan using Potiphar’s wife.

Take a leaf from Joseph. Stop the blame game and leave your case with God.

Joseph went the extra mile. He saw some of his inmates sad in countenance and asked them what was troubling them. They told him about dreams they had the night before that caused concern. Joseph encouraged them to tell him the dreams to see if he could help them. He ignored the fact that it was a dream that triggered the opposition that catapulted him to a foreign land and now he was in prison, about to interpret a dream. Nevertheless, he was selfless and prayerful listened and had the meaning of the dreams from God. God used him to help others because he was open, surrendered and compassionate. The dream he interpreted, set him up for his uplift, his elevation, and promotion in the fullness of time. Yes, his opposition Propelled him into greatness, into his unparalleled promotion-from prisoner to Prime Minister, in a foreign land. 

This is what my God can do. Are you in a similar predicament, impasse, malaise, pit, prison or dungeon? Give Him a try. Are you opposed, despite your integrity, purity, and honesty? Fear not. Be of good courage. The Lord is with you wherever you go; wherever you are. You will not go under for going over. It is not over until He says so. Stand to see your salvation. 

Pay Day is coming, in fact, it is here. Receive it. And be expectant. The expectation of the righteous shall not be dashed. 

Opposition Propels Promotion. 

This is what will Greet you:

Genesis 41:41

“And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt.”

Genesis 41:42

“And Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph’s hand, and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen, and put a gold chain about his neck;”

Genesis 41:43

“And he made him to ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried before him, Bow the knee: and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt.”