Shine as Stars ( by Fenny West)

Shine As Stars 
Wherever you are, 
Shine as the light of God
Shine like a beacon of God, 
Knowing you’re born of Word.

Shine as a city on a hill

That cannot be hidden

Shine as light
Even in darkness. 
You will not be quenched.

Dispel every darkness.

The darker the night

The brighter will be your light

Be not overcome by evil

Rather, overcome evil with good.
If God be for you 
Who can be against you?

There are more with you
Than are against you. 
See, behold, I have gone before you 
To make every crooked path straight.

God of the Summer and the Winter

winter wow

God of the Summer and the Winter

Remains the same; He never changes

But He is Lord over all and changes things

Allows adversity and prosperity

In the changing seasons;

Allows pluses and minuses

Crosses and losses,

Gains and pains, deaths and births

Rise and fall of big and small

He is altogether righteous

Bounteous, plenteous,

Precious and fabulous.

Therefore your night will be greeted by day

 In the fullness of time as you wait on Him

Your winter will be replaced by summer

As you hope and pray and trust in Him

17   You have set all the borders of the earth; You have made summer and winter.


©Fenny West2012