Forever Grateful (Fenny West)

Forever Grateful



Eagle Odyssey- golden eagle eagle Romance 3 eagel babies CG92 eagle african fish eagle

The going is good.

Environment is cozy.

I’m out of the woods.

Wrapped in cotton wool,

Pampered, provided for,

Treated like an egg;

Watched over, served

Hand and foot,

And a five –star hotel,

Eating five-course meal.

The raven’s brought food

At my beck and call.

The brook supplied spring water

It was warm, rosy, inviting.

Then the music changed;

The tone was not good.

I hardly saw food.

My mummy was crude.

She was often rude;

Then she was abusive.

Her warmth and charm, elusive

There was fire in her eyes.

She kicked me out of the nest.

I could not believe my eyes.

It was not a movie.

It was for real.

I was cascading down-

Down to the dust of death.

My heart raced a million miles;

Facing a premature departure.

I gasped, my heart in my mouth.

I tried to cast out the demon.

It was defiant, refused to budge.

I prayed against the madness,

 But she was becoming manic.

I said my last prayers

As I faced concrete justice.

But just before I crashed to death;

Before I saw my Maker

Something soft was felt.

Right under was my mum,

Carrying me on her pinions

Back to the nest again.

How I heaved a sigh of relief!

Praise be the Lord!

Then it happened again.

Was she teaching me to reign?

Was she passing some skills?

Sure, skills of life I will need.

The penny dropped and I saw.

Revelation knowledge came.

Divine direction was dealt.

So I went with the flow,

Began to learn the lesson,

Spread my wings to go.

Yes, awkward at first,

But I had a thirst,

And I had a quest.

Soon came the conquest.

Suddenly, I found my wings,

Set my sail and soared

Mounted up to the mount,

Became King of the sky.

Thank God for mummy.

So wise to train me to reign

She put me through the mill,

So I could provide my meal.

And fend for myself,

That I may stand tall,

And be a bread winner,

Be a life-winner

And not a quitter

Forever grateful

Forever thankful.

10 ” He found him in a desert land And in the wasteland, a howling wilderness; He encircled him, He instructed him, He kept him as the apple of His eye.
11 As an eagle stirs up its nest, Hovers over its young, Spreading out its wings, taking them up, Carrying them on its wings,
12 So the LORD alone led him, And there was no foreign god with him.
13 ” He made him ride in the heights of the earth, That he might eat the produce of the fields; He made him draw honey from the rock, And oil from the flinty rock;

©Fenny West2013

Prepare Them (By Fenny West)

allison Naftallin     eagel babies eagle  coming prince and princess eagelburger young eagle learning to fly babies like eaglets CG5D

Prepare them

Impact them

Sow into them

Give them roots

And then wings

Push them out

Of the nest.

So they can fly

So they learn

Let them leave


crocodile boy 3

 crocodile boy

Give them tools

Give them wings

Let them fall

And learn to rise.

Let them fail

Learn to prevail

Like the eagle

Trains her young

Let them go

To be strong.


God trains us

so we reign

learn to soar

learn to stand

in this life

Show His light

and His life

And His power

and Glory

Point to Him.

amy Fallon

. ‘Fathers [mothers], do not…provoke [engage in contention, debate and strife] your children to anger [irritation, exasperation, embitterment]’ (Ephesians 6:4 AMP).

 ©Fenny West2013