Mothers Matter Much ( by Fenny West)

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Mother Matter-
Not just for caring, comforting and cooking, washing,
But for giving you a room in her womb,

sharing her life, oxygen, blood and food with you.

Mothers Matter
You gave her morning sickness, made her bleed,

 made her bulge like a balloon, get out of shape.

You grounded her for many weeks and months.

You gave her sleepless nights.
Mothers Matter
They teach you life’s skills,
Some put their careers on hold

until you’re old enough to hold your own.
They feel pain when you feel pain.

Mothers Matter
They can’t sleep when you can’t sleep.
They run up and down to find food

 for you when you’re hungry.
They are sad when you are sad.
They go the extra mile to make you smile.
They remain when all others have disappeared-

 gone in the storm and the wind  that came to you.

Mothers Matter
They are strong for you and stick to you

 and fend for you when you are sick.
They shaped your future.
Mothers Matter.
Cherish, treasure, appreciate and celebrate your mother.

Mothers are Many

Mothers are Many


Mothers are many

But your type is few

Sacrificing always

Sunshine or dew.


Summer of winter

You are always there

And when I fear

Your comfort is there.


None can compare

None can take your place

I can find no where

Your warmth and grace.







©Fenny West2013