Wonderful Woman You Are ( by Fenny West)

Wonderful Woman You Are, 
Giving your talent, time and treasure 
You are always a bright star
Giving all around you great pleasure. 

It was you who carried the babe 
Who fed from you, kicking in you. 
You gave everything in you
to nurture, nourish, nurse, 
You were willing to spend and be spent 
Such dedication, such care is rare. 
You have emptied yourself to fill others. 

Your children shall come from far and wide
And give you blessings untold. 
You will be upheld whatever betide. 
They will give you much more than gold 🥇 

They shall grow up as palm trees 🎄 
And as cedars of Lebanon 
They will spread your fame across the seas 
You shall be celebrated at even turn
For your sacrifices night and day. 
None of your children will bring you grief, 
But they will bring you joy, laughter,

fulfillment, merriment and enjoyment. 

Happy, wonderful, glorious, Mother’s Day
Fenny West