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THE Lightning Seeds famously sung about 30 years of hurt and one Croydon based poet-soul writer knows exactly what they meant.

For 57-year-old Fenny West, it has taken exactly that length of time before his work made it into the public domain.

Yet after plenty of hard work, the Nigerian ex-pat is now celebrating the publication of Sing a New Song, a hymn book containing 101 songs and poems.

“I have been writing for most of my life, but to no avail,” he admitted.

“But for the grace of God I might not have pulled through.

“He taught me to persevere and to carry on despite the many stumbling blocks and people telling me I had gone past it.”

Problems saw the born-again Christian swap South Norwood for Dublin in 1980 for eight years, with nothing to live on except £50 a week from a friend back home.

But rather than see the period as a hindrance, Fenny saw the move as a “blessing from God”.

He said: “That period, when I couldn’t find work, deepened my relationship with God.

“I also made a lot of friends over there, some that I go back and see. God gave me the experience to be able to write songs to encourage other people, as well as myself.”

When not writing, Fenny is inspiring school kids as a supply teacher for several schools around Croydon, having obtained a CertEd qualification at Croydon College.

In the new year, Fenny is looking for volunteers to help out with a series of free launch events throughout London to celebrate the publication of the book.

Anyone interested in hosting the event or volunteering their services can contact Fenny at fennywest@yahoo.com.


Book Description

Sing a New Song is a Book of over 101 Songs & poems Fenny has written.

The themes covered include:

Praise, worship, faith, Prayer, inspiration, songwriting and ideal for any motivational speaker, Ministers of the Gospel craving excellence in their delivery, literature teacher, songwriting workshop/seminar co-ordinator, musician looking for a good song, card manufacturer, those desirous to make their card with a poem of their choice; those who have suffered a setback in their calling and simply looking for good inspiration to fulfil their destiny.

Do you have a vision that has suffered setbacks or taking long to bear fruit or under severe attack? If so this book is for you. Do you know of anyone who needs encouragement with regards to their vision, calling or assignment in life? If so why not bless them with a copy of this book.

The seed you sow will come back and bless you one day

Author Biography

Fenny is a teacher, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker, guitarist, artist and a contributor to many websites as an inspirational writer and has led and assisted worship leading in churches and in small group settings in England and Ireland and has organised concerts in which he featured as the main artiste or one of the artistes. He has five albums of songs composed so far. (All things are Possible. Rise to a New Dimension, Don’t Date Devils, Christ Has Risen, Sing the Psalms and Sing a New Song) His albums come as gift sets with a framed poem to match the album. He has also written some musicals with his songs.

Get a taste of the song at:


The Book is available at the following websites:

Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/

 Books unlimited



Book page: www.xlibrispublishing.co.uk/SingaNewSong.html

Author page: www.xlibrispublishing.co.uk/FennyWest.html

Chapters of the Book with sample poems, songs or article link

1. Praise (prs)

Born to Blaze His Praise


Sing a New Song



2. Worship, Giving(wor)

May Your Glory Be Seen ( song)


3. Thanks (Th)

Born to Give Glory ( Poem)


4. Holy Spirit (HS)

The Power of the Sprit works ( Bible Study)


5. Prayer (pra)

Come, Holy Spirit ( prayer)


Lord, Be It  New Year and a New Beginning


6. Faith & Trust (F & T)

Stand Up to Face Your Goliath


David and Goliath


All things are Possible ( Video)


7. Love (lov)

Beloved, Beautiful, Beyond Compare


Love is from Above


8. Evangelism(Ev)/Testimony/outreach

Come to the Cross


Knowing God


9.  New Creation Realities

Reformation to regeneration ( Poem /Song)


10. Spiritual Warfare (swf ),

Pull Down the Strongholds


11. Word (wd)

Let’s Go Treasure-hunting


Your Word, a Storehouse of Treasure


12. Prophetic (pro),

It’s a New Day, a New Year and New Beginning


13. Heaven, second coming (Eternity hvn)

He’s Coming


14. Chapter 14 Easter/Resurrection(Eas)

It’s Time to Cross Over


15. Divine Direction (dd)

Divine Illumination ( Prayer)


16. The Church (BDY)

Unity of the Body Brings Glory


17. Closing Song/benediction (ben)

Peace from the Prince of Peace


All Things are Possible

uphill taskHope against all hopetriumphant man 

God is all-powerful, all-knowing and ever-present and with Him all things are possible.


All Things Are Possible To Those Who Believe.

There was a child troubled by a deaf and dumb evil spirit. This spirit often threw the boy into fire or water, bent on destroying him. His parents sought remedy from the disciples of Jesus but they were not able to help, so they brought him to Jesus, begging him to help them.

He rebuked his disciples for their unbelief but told the parents,’ if you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.

Subsequently, Jesus addressed the evil spirit: ‘You dumb and deaf spirit, I charge you, come out of him and enter no more into him!’

And the spirit cried out, tore the boy as it tried to come out and threw him on the floor and lay as if he was dead.

Those around thought he was dead and said, ‘He is dead.’

Jesus took him by the hand and raised him and gave him to his parents, to the amazement of all around.

And this is the inspiration of this song: “All things are possible to those who believe.”



Mark9:23,Mark10:27, Mark14:36 Matt:19:26,

All things are possible,

To those who believe.

I have prayed the word,

And I will receive.

The word of God is so sure-

Settled in heaven.

It will accomplish

That which pleases Him.

CH:I believe ( I believe) and I will see.

I believe (Yes! I believe) and I will receive.

I believe (I believe) and so I speak.

My confession will bring a manifestation.

If God says, ‘Yes!’, (tell me)

Who can say, ‘No’

By two unchangeable things

(His word and oath) it’s impossible for God to lie.

His promises are Yes and Amen

In Christ Jesus

The word that has gone forth from His mouth,

Will not return to Him empty.


What are your barriers, battles, obstacles, impediments, mountains or valleys, seemingly insurmountable? Bring them to Jesus, the Deliverer, the Answer, the Alpha and Omega!

 Jesus is here to turn the tables because with Him ‘All things are possible to those who believe.’

He is here to make your dreams come true.

Do you believe in His ability to do exceedingly, abundantly far above what you can ask or think- far beyond your wildest dreams? Do you believe He remains the same today, yesterday and forever? Do you believe He has all power and the wherewithal in heaven and on earth to do as occasion demands and according to His will? Do you believe He can do and undo. Do you believe He is here, right now, by His Spirit, to destroy yokes, lift burdens, breathe life into dead dreams that have turn into nightmares?

All things are possible to those who believe. Alleluia!

Mark 9:17-23-25

On another occasion a rich man, who prided himself to have kept all the letters of the law, came to find out what he was to do to inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus, seeing through him and knowing his avarice, covetousness and greed, did not mince words: ‘go sell all you have and give to the poor, then come and follow me.’  It was a tall order for this man as his countenance fell. He was disappointed, dejected, and depressed.

Jesus noticed his waterloo and said that it was easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

His disciples wondered who then will qualify to enter God’s Kingdom.

Here again he told them ‘with man this is impossible but ‘With God all things are possible.’

Matt19:17-26;Mark 10:17-27

The other occasion when this immortal phrase was used was when Jesus was approaching the hour of his crucifixion. The burden of going to the cross weighed heavily on him and He told His disciple that His soul was sorrowful unto death.

He prayed to His Father, ‘Abba Father, all things are possible with You, take away this cup from Me, nevertheless not my will, but Your will be done.’

 Yes, all things are possible but God will not violate His will. You don’t pray against His revealed will. He will do His will and only His will. He will not violate His word, because His word is His will and His will is His Word.


 This is why we need to know His will so that we can pray according to His will. When you know His will, your confidence is bolstered, boosted; you can take the bull by the horn, bind the principalities and powers that militate against God’s will and enter your promised land.  When you know His will, you pray His Word and as you pray His will, your faith mounts up to surmount; you rise with eagle’s wings, as you see yourself seated with Him in heavenly places, with authority to trample on serpents and scorpions; knowing that nothing shall by any means hurt you; because you know He had gone before you to make every crooked paths straight.

Mark 14:36

Come to the throne of Grace believing that ALL things are possible to those who believe. Come expecting great and mighty thing which you know not yet of. Throw away your fears. Believe God. Have faith in God. Have the God –kind of faith; Faith to move mountains. Faith to level crooked paths. Those who come to Him must believe that He exists and He has all power. He has the power of and endless life. He upholds all things by the word of His power. Principalities and powers are subject to Him. He has the final word. All things are possible but without faith it is impossible to please God.

God loves you if you have made Jesus your Lord and Saviour.  He loves you with a great love, an unconditional unfailing love- everlasting love. Reach out in faith in the name of Jesus.  Take Him by His word. Apply His word. He said ‘Heaven and earth will pass away by my word shall not pass away.’  He said ‘I will, be healed’ He said, ‘Rise up, take up your bed and walk.’ Go, your faith has made you whole.’ I am the resurrection and the life, Roll way the stone! Lazarus, Come forth!’ and Lazarus came forth.

Come to Him today. Call those things which are not as though they are, in the Name of Jesus. His Name is a matchless Name, the sweetest Name, the NAME above every other name sickness, disease, oppression, depression, penury, confusion, stagnation; the Name, at the pronouncement of which demons tremble; the Name that is a strong tower into which the righteous run in and are saved. See He stretches to you today the sceptre of deliverance. Take it and enter into your freedom. Take it and enter into your Promised LAND.