The Long Road To Freedom ( by Fenny West)

The Long Road to Freedom

mandela BYE

The Long road to freedom
Rising from the manacles of serfdom
The Long trek from oppression
To the Land of Promotion.
The great lift from the valley
To the day and date with destiny
With the joyous cry of victory.
The dream of change became a reality

It was a day after the long night
It was a summer after the dry cold winter
A candle was lit that no one could quench
The victory key snatched, no one could wrench.
Many sowed their lives and their blood
Before the flower could bud and bloom.
Now that husbandman is gone
May the flower continue to bloom.
And may the fruit that came ever remain.

The Journey of Madiba ( by Fenny West )

The Journey of Madiba

God is love

The Journey of Madiba;
From prison to president;
Astute freedom fighter;
Bold, courageous, valiant;
Importunate, unrelenting, adamant.
Champion of the down-trodden;
Beacon of those wrongly chained;
Bridge of the Great Divide;
Who swam against the Apartheid tide.

His freedom set others free;
His vision let many see
Vistas of regeneration-
A New era of emancipation.
Gave legacy- inspirational.
Had stature -international.
For this we can all be grateful;
For this we can all he hopeful;
What a life spent and well-spent!

©Fenny West

Testament of a Towering Prime Minister ( By Fenny West)

magarette Tatcher

Testament of a Towering Prime Minister

The Iron Lady who is not for turning

Ebullient, UK’s First lady Prime Minister

Politician of conviction, not consensus

Colossus of her time; mover and shaker.

Great parliamentarian thinker and debater

 Bold Believer in democracy and freedom

From grocer’s shop to 10 Downing street

With longevity unrivalled in 150 years.

    magarette Tatcher 3

Believed in what to do, went out and did

Whether or not you agreed or disagreed

Cooperated, corroborated or are aggrieved.

Drove truck through adamant opponents

Stuck to her guns even when the guns came.

And many lives were on the line of fire

 magarette Tatcher 2

Her strong head even her enemies admired.

Broke through glass ceiling monumental

Champion of privatisation and market economy.

Broke the back bone of trade unionism

Made labour party modernise and electable

Shook her fist at the Iron Curtain and communism

Stood up to terrorism wherever it rose from

Will not succumb to making deals for human lives

Architect of those dreaming to buy their homes

She signed the pact and gave the green light

A politician who made the weather

And was no afraid to weather the storms.

 magarette Tatcher 4


Stood up to Argentina in the Falklands palaver

Formed a formidable alliance with Ronald Reagan.

Kept the Conservatives in power for three terms

Commeth the hour, commeth the Lady

A woman like no other

Adieu Maggie Thatcher!

 magarette Tatcher

©Fenny West2013