Know Who You Are In Christ( by Fenny West)

Recognize, acknowledge Him in You


In Christ I am 

Accepted in the beloved 

Abounding in glory, grace, beauty, wisdom, knowledge, creativity 

Ascending upwards and forward Hag2:9, 2Cor3:18, Prov.418, Ps.84:7

Complete Eph2:10


Free borm

I am one in whom…

Christ lives, 

I am the

Habitation of Christ Eph3:17, John14:16

I am 


 Fruitful Ps92’12-15

Fearless Pov28:1

Forgiven Eph1:7

God’s house

God’s limbs-hands and feet

God’s ambassador 

God’s voice

God’s glory.

God’s gift

God’s masterpiece 


Residence of God

Home of God 

Headquarters of God

An heir of God 

Joint – heir with Christ 

Habitation of God

Temple of God 2Cor.6:16



Washed whiter than snow 

What We Have in Christ 

All things,

All things that pertain to life and godliness 

Abundant life John10:10,1John5:24

Advantage John16:7

Abraham’s seed Gal3:29

Christ in us Col.1:27

Citizenship of heaven Phi1:20

Divine nature 2Pet 1:3,4

Different culture Rom12:2, 1John2:15-17

Exceeding riches of His grace

Eternal life 1John5:12-13, John3:16

Exceedingly great and precious promises 1Pet2:3

Freedom John8:32,

Greater One in me

Hope of glory Col.1:27

Great and precious promises 2Pet.1:3

Healing,health heaven 

Holy Spirit 







Fulness of joy




Healer Luke4:18,Mark16:17-18

Hope Col1:27, Rom4:17

Needs met Phil4:19

Joy unspeakable and full of glory 

Ministering spirits Ps91:10, Acts12:10, Acts4

Peace with God Rom5:1

Peace of God Phil.4:7

Justification Rom5:1.

Prosperity Jos1:8,Ps1:3,Deut.28:2,Ps35:27

Righteousness 1Cor.1:30

Sanctification 1Cor.1:30,2Cor5:21

Success in my spirit Josh 1:8, Ps35:27, 3John1 Deut28, Prov.4:23, Matt6:35, Luke6:45

Supernatural life

Supernatural insight 

Supernatural strength 

Supernatural wisdom

Supernatural supply 

Supernatural protection:Acs12,2Chro20

Supernatural knowledge 

Supernatural creativity Ex

Supernatural counsel Solomon

Supernatural peace Phil4:6-7

Supernatural Direction Act8:26, 2Chro20:1Sam30:6, 

In Him we live, move and have our being Acts 17:28

Word of God Ps119:105, 130

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