Know Who You Are In Christ( by Fenny West)

Recognize, acknowledge Him in You


In Christ I am 

Accepted in the beloved 

Abounding in glory, grace, beauty, wisdom, knowledge, creativity 

Ascending upwards and forward Hag2:9, 2Cor3:18, Prov.418, Ps.84:7

Complete Eph2:10


Free borm

I am one in whom…

Christ lives, 

I am the

Habitation of Christ Eph3:17, John14:16

I am 


 Fruitful Ps92’12-15

Fearless Pov28:1

Forgiven Eph1:7

God’s house

God’s limbs-hands and feet

God’s ambassador 

God’s voice

God’s glory.

God’s gift

God’s masterpiece 


Residence of God

Home of God 

Headquarters of God

An heir of God 

Joint – heir with Christ 

Habitation of God

Temple of God 2Cor.6:16



Washed whiter than snow 

What We Have in Christ 

All things,

All things that pertain to life and godliness 

Abundant life John10:10,1John5:24

Advantage John16:7

Abraham’s seed Gal3:29

Christ in us Col.1:27

Citizenship of heaven Phi1:20

Divine nature 2Pet 1:3,4

Different culture Rom12:2, 1John2:15-17

Exceeding riches of His grace

Eternal life 1John5:12-13, John3:16

Exceedingly great and precious promises 1Pet2:3

Freedom John8:32,

Greater One in me

Hope of glory Col.1:27

Great and precious promises 2Pet.1:3

Healing,health heaven 

Holy Spirit 







Fulness of joy




Healer Luke4:18,Mark16:17-18

Hope Col1:27, Rom4:17

Needs met Phil4:19

Joy unspeakable and full of glory 

Ministering spirits Ps91:10, Acts12:10, Acts4

Peace with God Rom5:1

Peace of God Phil.4:7

Justification Rom5:1.

Prosperity Jos1:8,Ps1:3,Deut.28:2,Ps35:27

Righteousness 1Cor.1:30

Sanctification 1Cor.1:30,2Cor5:21

Success in my spirit Josh 1:8, Ps35:27, 3John1 Deut28, Prov.4:23, Matt6:35, Luke6:45

Supernatural life

Supernatural insight 

Supernatural strength 

Supernatural wisdom

Supernatural supply 

Supernatural protection:Acs12,2Chro20

Supernatural knowledge 

Supernatural creativity Ex

Supernatural counsel Solomon

Supernatural peace Phil4:6-7

Supernatural Direction Act8:26, 2Chro20:1Sam30:6, 

In Him we live, move and have our being Acts 17:28

Word of God Ps119:105, 130

October Acrostics (by Fenny West)

Only Wise God You are

Captain of Salvation

The Author and Finisher

Omnipotent God

Bright Morning Star

Everlasting Father

Rose of Sharon

Owner of the Universe You are

Commander of the Hosts of God

True and Living God

Omniscient God

Beautiful beyond description

Excellent One

Reason for my living

On a solid rock I stand

Constantly seeing God’s goodness

Triumphant in everything I do

Opposition births promotion

Battles birth breakthroughs

Everyday God is my portion

Regardless of what I see I know whom I serve

Opportunities abound to me

Complete I am in Christ

Tests translate into testimonies

Only Goodness and mercy come my way

Bone of His bone I am

Everyday new mercies I see

Robe with righteousnesses I am

On top always and never under

Carried by grace, goodness and mercy

Thanking God in everything

Overcome the world

Born from above

Eternal life is mine

Rivers in the desert I receive

O Lord my God, how excellent You are

Come and see what the Lord has done

The joy of the Lord is my strength

Over and above what I imagine is mine

Beauty in place of ashes belong to me

Everything God owns belong to me

Open your mouth and I will fill it

Come to me and I will not cast you away

Try me and see the wonders I will do

Only with faith can you please Me

Be bold and strong in Me, not in yourself

Every adversity has a sell by date

Rejoice in Me and in my mighty power

Only God can save

Come to Him today

Throw yourself into His Arms

Only believe and confess Him as Lord

Being born again is the wise thing to do

Eternal life and peace with God become yours

Run now to Him, do not delay a single day

Old things have passed away

Continue steadfastly in the word

Taste and see that the Lord is good

On the word build your life

Become voracious for the Word

Enjoy it daily, drink it, feed on it, ponder on it

Run your race following its precepts

Optimism is good when it’s based on the word

Christ is our life

Two shall put 10k to flight

One shall put 1k to flight

Being a city on a hill is God’s will for me

Everything I lay my hands on is blessed

Running to win is my inheritance

Oaks of righteousnesses shall stand always

Covered by a divine canopy, well watered

They will always bear abundant fruit

On a good and fertile ground they stand

Beautiful will be their flowers and leaves

Everyone that comes to them will be fed well

Rain or shine they will remain tall and strong

Open the door of your heart and let

Christ come in and stay for good

This is the way to live life that’s fulfilling

Only the Prince of Peace brings true peace

Be wise today and surrender to Him

Everlasting life is in store for you

Receive it and enjoy it now and always

Other gods are the works of men

Christ Jesus is the God of gods

Through Him and in Him is salvation

Only Him adore, call on His name

Be sold out to Him; find fulfilment in Him

Enjoy the salvation, peace and joy He brings

Rise from the darkness into His marvellous light

Only by grace are we saved, not of works

Come as you are, no matter how far

The Lord will abundantly pardon you

On His finished work rely, not your goodness

Be humble and penitent and you will be saved

Every of our righteousnesses is as dung

Receive His righteousnesses and live life