I Am An Ambassador Of Christ( by Fenny West)

I Am An Ambassador of Christ, 

Wherever I am and wherever I go.

And I am not ashamed of the Gospel –

the power of God to save. 

I am Christ-inside minded 

Because He lives in me. 

Although I am in this world, 

I am not of this world. 

Therefore, as an ambassador, 

I show forth the glory of He who has called me out of darkness into His marvellous light. 

I display the beauty, the majesty, the power, the excellence of God in my community, my work place, my church, my business, my world. 

I refuse to be shaped into the mould of the world but I show that His presence makes a difference. I dare to be different and dare to make a difference. 

I am a light in my world called to dispel the darkness. I shine in the darkness. My light shines ever brighter to the full light of day. I refuse to compromise my standards and God’s standards. I am a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. I am a salt of the earth and called to be medicinal, inspirational and disinfectant, sanctifying my environment. 

I represent the Kingdom of God-the Kingdom of righteousness, integrity, goodness, godliness, and the supernatural.

Christ in me is my hope of glory. 

©Fenny West2020