In Christ (mno) {By Fenny West)

More than a Conqueror  ( Rom8:37)
Mighty in God
Manifold in wisdom(Eph3:17-19)
Much blessed (3John2)
Mover and shaker of my time
New Creation New specie(2Cor5:17)
New things God will do in my life


No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper(Isa54:17)
No enchantment or divination against

me shall stand or hold water(Num23:23)
Nothing shall be impossible unto me (Matt19:26)
No one shall stand against me (Rom8:31)
Overcomer I am (1John4:4,1John5:4)
On top I am (Deut28:2)

Old things have gone away; new things have come (2Cor5:17)

©Fenny West2020


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