Dawning of a New Era ( by Fenny West)

Prophetic Word

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Dawning of a New Era

dawning of a new era

I say forget the former things

I am doing a new thing.

Consider no more the old things

Possible are all things.


Ch: The dawning of a New Era

A New Era in Jesus

The dawning of a New Era

The Dawning of a New Era in Christ Jesus


I can do with few or many
I bring light out of darkness.
The Goliath you see is phoney
So rise and bask in My brightness.


All things are possible to those who believe

Will you take Me at My Word?

So conceive, believe and you will achieve

Because I stand by My Word


I make rivers in deserts

And roads in wildernesses

Those who trust in Me I’ll never desert

Because of My lovingkindness



©Fenny West2020


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