Great God (3) (by Fenny West)

Great God

You’re merciful, and all-powerful,
Beautiful and always faithful,
And Your name is so wonderful-
A Name above every other name.
You called each star by its name.
For ever You remains the same;
Yesterday, today, forever.
Great God
You’re extra-ordinarily high,
Rock Higher than I,

the Most High;
Riding the crest of the waves,
And the wings of the wind;
Stilled the roaring

sea with a whisper;
Parted the sea, ripped it asunder.
You’re a 
God like no other.

Born to Blaze His Praise (By Fenny West)

Born to Blaze His Praise

Born to blaze His praise.

Born to proclaim His Name.

Born to give glory to the King of Glory.

Born to adorn and adore the High and Holy.

 Created to give pleasure to Him.

Created to be His treasured possession.

Created to be His Voice, Hands and Feet on earth.

Created to be His worthy ambassador.

 Born to give Him honour.

Born to be a house on a hill.

Born to be a light house to the world.

Born to live a life of significance.

 Born with a vision

To fulfil the Great commission.

Born for such a time as this

sold out!, totally His.

I will bless the Lord at all times;

His praise shall continually be in my mouth

Ps. 34:1

©Fenny West