Who Am I In Christ (B) ( By Fenny West)

Who Am I?

( John3:16,Eph1:4,Ps103:4,11)
Beautiful in Christ
( SoS4:7, Ps50:2)
( Prov28:1,2Tim1:7)
Bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh
Born again

Born of the Word ( 1Pet.1:23)

Belonging to God (1Cor6:20)

Bought with a price  (1Cor6:20)

Branch of the Great Vine(John15:1-7)
Best of God
(Eph2:10, Ps8:5,Ps139:14)
Bright, big, brave
Born to reign(Rom5:17)

Blessed and highly favoured (Ps5:12,Eph1:11)

Blessed with every spiritual blessing(Eph1:3)
Blessed to be a blessing like Abraham
(Gal3:14 , Gen12:2)
Blessed in my going out and in my coming in
.(Deut28:6 )
Blessed in all I lay my hands to do

Big dream dreamer( Gen37:9,Joel2:28)

Building of God (1Cor3:9)


©Fenny West2020



Who Am I In Christ (F) ( by Fenny West)


Who Am I?
Field of God (1Cor3.:9)

Free-born ( Acts22:28)

Friend of God (John15:15)

Fearless ( Ps23:4,Ps27:1,Prov28:1)
Free from the Law of sin and death (Rom8:2)

Free from poverty and penury ( Deut28:8, 2Cor8:9)
Far from oppression (Isa54:14)
Fruitful tree (Ps1:1-3,Isa32:15)
Favour – followed (Ps5:12)
Fervent in spirit (Rom12:11)

Formidable ( Rom8:37)

Forgiven (Eph1:7)

Forever loved  ( Jer31:3)

Forever Blessed (Eph1:3)

©Fenny West2020



Who Am I In Christ (E) ( by Fenny West)

Enigmatic (Ps139:14, Gen1:31)
Encapsulated by the Holy Spirit ( John16:8-13)

Endued with power( Luke24:49)

Elect of God(1Thess1:2-4)

Equipped (Eph2:10,1Cor12:4-12,Eph4:10-12)

Emancipated (John8:32)

Emboldened with faith(Acts4:13)

Exalted (Eph2:6)

Elevated to a heavenly place(Eph2:2-4)
Engraved on the palm of God’s Hands 

Empowered by the Holy Spirit(Acts8:15-17,Acts19:1-6)

Epistle of Christ (2Cor3:3)
Eternal life possessor(1John5:11-13, John3:16)
Entwined with divinity ( John15:1-5)
Enthroned with Christ ( Eph2:5-6)

©Fenny West2020