Who Am I in Christ (D) (By Fenny West)

Who Am I?

Disciple of Jesus          (John 8:31-32, Matt 28:19)
Dead to self and alive to God ( Gal.2:20)
Dead to sin ( Rom 6:11)

Divine–natured (1 Pet 1:2-4)
Divinely directed(John 16:13, Rom 8:14)
Died with Christ ( Gal 2:20)

Dispenser of Eternal Verities ( Ps 82:6, John 15:5,16, Gal 5:22-23, 1 Cor 12:4-12, Mark 16:17-18, Matt 10:1)
Dedicated to God like Daniel and friends (Dan 1:8, Dan 3:16-18, Dan 6:10, Act 4:19)
Delight of God ( Ps 8:4, Deut 7:6, Eph 2:4)
Delivered from darkness, weakness and blindness. ( Col 1:13)
Destroyer of the works of the devil  (Matt 10:1, Mark 16:17-18)

Distinguished (Matt 5:14, 1Pet 2:9)

Destined For greatness ( Gen 12:2, Isa 60:22

Dominion-minded (Gen 1:26,28)
Doer of the Word, not just a hearer ( James 1:22-25)

©Fenny West2020



CALLED TO HEAL ( by Fenny West)


Called Heal
Empowered to heal
Ordained to heal
Anointed to heal.

The same Spirit
That raised Christ
From the dead
Dwells in me.
He does the work
I am joined to Him
My limbs are His limbs
I see through His eyes
He speaks through my mouth.
I go where He bids
Where I go, He goes
He reaches out His hands
through my Hands.

He has given me power and authority,

Over all the power and authority of the Devil,

and death, disease, sickness, weakness darkness, poverty, confusion and fear.

I fear no evil because He is with me, for me and in me. I fear no death because He defeated and abolished death. I have passed from death to life – Zoe-the God-kind of life. Abundant life is mine. All things are mine. I walk in the Light and endless possibilities. Nothing is impossible to me. He leads me in perpetual triumphal procession daily.
I am vibrant in my health and body and physique, robust in my mind, balanced in my emotions and relationship. My immune system is strong and all the systems in my body are well-aligned and function to the perfection they were made. There is no malfunction in my body or my mind.
My spirit is in tune with the Holy Spirit and continually receives strength from Him.
I am daily inspired by Him, guided by Him, taught by Him, comforted by Him, guarded by Him, directed by Him, given advantage by Him, shown things to come by Him, interceded for by Him and used to minister to others through Him.
Acts3:6-7, Peter Matt10:1,7, Disciples Mark16:17-18, Believers, Mark3:14-15, Acts1:8, Acts19:12-13 Paul
Acts8:5-8 Philip