Stand Up To Face the Goliath ( by Fenny West)

Stand Up To Face the Goliath

CH: Stand up to face the Goliath

Go in the name of the Lord

Count your blessings

Name them one by one

Know that the Lord is with you.

Saint, stand against Goliath

The phoney foe from Gath

We walk not by sight

But we walk by faith.


I say, be not afraid

Neither be you dismayed

If God is for you

Who can be against you?


Use the weapon you have proved

That given you by His grace

And you will overcome

His Kingdom will come.


Those that have come in one way

Will flee in seven ways.

God will fight for you

And you will hold your peace.


Run to finish this race

finish well by His grace

The Lord has gone before you

To make crooked paths straight.


©Fenny West2010

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