September (by Fenny West)

Sudden surprise awaits you as
Every obstacle and impediment that have held you back give way and
Peace profound follow you, causing you to 
Triumph in all you do and wherever go. God by His Spirit will cause you to 
Enter and occupy your promised land and have dominion.
Multiple incomes streams will be opened for you as the Lord
Brings you into glory unusual, breakthrough that’s breath-taking.
Enjoy, give thanks, praise, glory, and honour.
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. Happy Upliftment in September.

Sweet Rose of Sharon
Prince of Peace
The Name above all names
Express image of the Father
Mighty God
Bone of our bones, Bright Morning Star
Everlasting Father
Root of Jesse

Sovereign God
Everything Good
Peace Personified
True and faithful
Embodiment of love
Beautiful beyond description
Eternal God
Righteousness Personified

Supreme Monarch
Extraordinarily patient
Preeminent, pre-existent
Triune God
Excellent One
Most High
Best of the best
Ruler of the Universe