Voice Your Faith, Not Fear ( by Fenny West)

Voice Your Faith

Voice Your Faith

Not your fear

Faith will win

In the end.

Fear negates

And will steal

Kill or destroy

Any dream you have.

Voice your faith

Not your fear.

Doubt your doubt

Believe in Your beliefs

Shun the Nay-Sayers

Boycott the doomsters

If God says you are,

Then You are.

If God says You can,

Then you can.

If God says

All things are yours

Then all things are yours.

If He says you’re more than a conqueror

Then You’re more than a conqueror.

If He said you have overcome them

Then you have overcome them.

Fear undermines

Belittles God

Discounts who you are           

What you have

Whose You are.

Bury every fear

And post a sign:

“No digging here.”

See the giants as bread,

Like Joshua and Caleb.

See Goliath as uncircumcised

Vulnerable, with a glass jaw.

Those who know their God shall be strong

And they shall do great exploits.

Faith will boost you

Carry you,

Bolster you

Encourage you

Establish you

Protect your dream

And make you win

Any day, any time

And everywhere

Thanks be to God

Who always causes us to triumph, in Christ.

Voice Your faith

And not Your fear